CIFF Fashion Trends
Spring/Summer 2008 Urban Nomad

CIFF Fashion Trends 2008 - Global Poetry

A chic casual story intended for all urban Robinson Crusoes, that combines softness, lightness, well-being,functionality and futurism.

A range of undefined half-tones and greenish coloured neutrals, khaki, seaweed, earth, close to nature. To soften with pale, almost cosmetic neutrals. To liven up with yellowish shades, tinted white, fibrous beige and yellow ochre.

Softened compacts… textured weave cottons, drills, rustic canvas, in linen/cotton blends. Bleached denims, washed twills. Shirt and trouser weight cotton sateens. Bio-tech… knits and weaves in bamboo, soybean, corn. Gummy treatments, creamy and gelatinous handle. Featherweight… parachute silk or cotton voiles, cotton gauzes, in layering or coated with paper handle. Ultra-light nylon or polyamide voiles, a chrysalis look. Au naturel… 100% linen, cotton/ramie, biodegradable cotton jerseys. Viscose jerseys to drape. Dry handle jerseys to crease. Fine chiné fleeces. Torn, openwork knits. Vegetable dyes. Fancy effects… splashy or stylized camouflage and plant prints. Muted, pixelized or watercolour foliage.

Easy suits… neo-reefers, trench parkas, army-style overjackets, chic safari jackets for men’s and women’s markets worn over refined cargo pants, “too long” baggy pants or slim supple slacks. For men… continuation of cropped zouavshaped pants with dropped crotch, light XXL bermudas or loose pyjama-style pants. Functional and multipurpose… a new wardrobe for everyone. Inflated blousons, loose parkas, egg-shaped raincoats, parachute coats. Windbreaker, overalls, adaptable shirts. A generation of “ready-to-move” clothing. Nomadic spirit… creased linen shirts and polos, shift-shirts for men. Hybrid T-shirt dresses, square cut, tunic or dress length, to belt, pleat or tie for women.

Hoods, giant pockets, loose sleeves, inner drawstrings, tie cords, Velcro and XXL zips. Flatlock seams in colour. Play of seaming, godets and pleats for jersey dresses.

Raw… combination of leather, canvas and string. Belt or shoulder bag. Cord belt, string thongs. Organic inspiration… elaborate plant-cum-animal decoration. Long shell necklaces, Roman sandals to tie. Moulding… in supple and smooth leather. Ergonomic gym shoes. Swim cap hats. The functional embellished by ultra-pale colours.

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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair