World Fashion Week Calendar
International Fashion Weeks

Fashion Weeks are trade events open to registered buyers, press and members of the fashion industry only

2021 Fashion Weeks

2021Fashion WeekCountry
Jan 15-19Milano Fashion Week Men'sItaly
Jan 19-24Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Feb 9-11Stockholm Fashion WeekSweden
Feb 18-20AltaRoma – Rome Fashion WeekItaly
Feb 19-23London Fashion WeekUK
Feb 23-Mar 1Milano Fashion Week Women'sItaly
Mar 1-9Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Mar 16-21FDCI & Lakmé Fashion WeekIndia
Apr 8-11Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MadridSpain
Apr 15-18ModaLisboa / Lisboa Fashion WeekPortugal
Apr 20-23Hong Kong Fashion WeekChina
Apr 29-May 1Kansas City Fashion WeekUSA
Apr 29-May 1SA Fashion WeekSouth Africa
May 24-29Fiji Fashion WeekFiji
May 31-Jun 4Afterpay Australian Fashion WeekAustralia
Jun 12-14London Fashion WeekUK
Jun 15-19Barcelona Bridal Fashion WeekSpain
Jun 22-27Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Jul 10-16Bridal Fashion Week & AwardsBulgaria
Aug 10-13Copenhagen Fashion WeekDenmark
Aug 23-29New Zealand Fashion WeekNew Zealand
Sep 17-21London Fashion WeekUK
Sep 26-Oct 2Fashion Week ColumbusUSA
Sep 27-Oct 5Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Nov 2-6MTC Windhoek Fashion WeekNamibia
Dec 3-5Swahili Fashion WeekTanzania

2020 Fashion Weeks

2020Fashion WeekCountry
Jan 9-Feb 8Milano Moda MainItaly
Jan 10-14Milano Fashion Week Men'sItaly
Jan 13-17Berlin Fashion WeekGermany
Jan 14-19Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Jan 20-23Paris Fashion Week – Haute CoutureFrance
Jan 28-Feb 2Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MadridSpain
Jan 23-26AltaRomAltaModaItaly
Jan 28-31Copenhagen Fashion WeekDenmark
Feb 14-18London Fashion WeekUK
Feb 18-22Philly Fashion WeekUSA
Feb 18-24Milano Fashion Week Women'sItaly
Feb 24-Mar 3Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Mar 5-7Amsterdam Fashion WeekNetherlands
SA Fashion WeekSouth Africa
São Paulo Fashion WeekBrazil
Apr 20-23Hong Kong Fashion WeekChina
Apr 20-26Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion WeekSpain
May 12-17Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AustraliaAustralia
May 20-28Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MaltaMalta
Jun 23-28Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Jul 5-9Paris Fashion Week – Haute CoutureFrance
Jul 9-13Paris Fashion Week MenswearFrance
Jul 14-17Milano Digital Fashion WeekItaly
Hong Kong Fashion WeekChina
Helsinki Fashion WeekFinland
Aug 9-12Copenhagen Fashion WeekDenmark
Sep 7-12MQ Vienna Fashion WeekAustria
Sep 10-13Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MadridSpain
Sep 15-17AltaRomAltaModaItaly
Sep 17-22London Fashion WeekUK
Sep 18-22Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion WeekSpain
Sep 20-26Fashion Week ColumbusUSA
Sep 22-28Milano Fashion Week Women'sItaly
Sep 23-26Tampa Bay Fashion WeekUSA
Sep 28-Oct 6Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Sep 29-Oct 4Atlanta International Fashion WeekUSA
Oct 19-23Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week RussiaRussia
Oct 20-25Portland Fashion WeekUSA
Nov 7-14Fiji Fashion WeekFiji
Nov 28-30Serbia Fashion WeekSerbia
Dec 8-10Islamabad Fashion WeekPakistan

The European Fashion Council (EFC) turned 10 years

May 19th is announced as the European Fashion Day
A program of 10 events in 10 member-states celebrates the fashion anniversary of the EU and Europe

European Fashion Council (EFC) logo

On the 19th of May, 2007 in the Southeast part of the continent, in Ancient Plovdiv, Bulgaria the national representative non-government fashion organizations of BULGARIA, BELGIUM, DENMARK, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, AUSTRIA, ESTONIA, UKRAINE, ALBANIA, NORWAY, ROMANIA and HUNGARY established an international union for fashion and fashion design of the EU and Europe. It has set for itself the big goal of representing and uniting the continental fashion industry. None of them had suspected, on one hand, how extremely difficult this process might be, and on the other, that the existence of such a Council dedicated to the most dynamic and fast-evolving industry, in which style, culture, economical and artistic progress are so diverse, would even be possible.
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2019 Fashion Weeks

2019Fashion WeekCountry
Jan 11-14Milan Fashion Week Men'sItaly
Jan 14-17Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/WinterChina
Jan 15-18Berlin Fashion WeekGermany
Jan 15-20Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Jan 21-24Paris Fashion Week – Haute CoutureFrance
Jan 24-29Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MadridSpain
Jan 25-28AltaRomAltaModaItaly
Jan 29-Feb 1Copenhagen Fashion WeekDenmark
Feb 16-20London Fashion WeekUK
Feb 19-25Milano Moda DonnaItaly
Feb 25-Mar 5Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Mar 11-17iD Dunedin Fashion WeekNew Zealand
Apr 3-6SA Fashion WeekSouth Africa
Apr 22-27São Paulo Fashion WeekBrazil
Apr 23-26Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion WeekSpain
May 12-17Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AustraliaAustralia
May 22-31Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MaltaMalta
May 24-25Fiji Fashion WeekFiji
Jun 14-17Milano Moda MainItaly
Jun 18-23Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Jun 30-Jul 4Paris Fashion Week – Haute CoutureFrance
Jul 4-7AltaRomAltaModaItaly
Jul 5-10Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MadridSpain
Jul 8-11Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/SummerChina
Jul 19-22Helsinki Fashion WeekFinland
Aug 2-4Costa Rica Fashion WeekCosta Rica
Aug 26-Sep 1New Zealand Fashion WeekNew Zealand
Sep 5-7Amsterdam Fashion WeekNetherlands
Sep 13-17London Fashion WeekUK
Sep 17-23Milan Fashion Week Women'sItaly
Sep 23-Oct 1Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Oct 3-6Alicante Fashion WeekSpain
Oct 13-18São Paulo Fashion WeekBrazil
Oct 17-27San Francisco Fashion WeekUSA
Nov 7-11Athens Xclusive Designers WeekGreece

2018 Fashion Weeks

2018Fashion WeekCountry
Jan 13-16Milan Fashion Week Men'sItaly
Jan 15-18Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/WinterChina
Jan 16-21Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Jan 22-25Paris Fashion Week – Haute CoutureFrance
Jan 25-28AltaRomAltaModaItaly
Jan 24-29Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MadridSpain
Jan 30-Feb 2Copenhagen Fashion WeekDenmark
Feb 15-20London Fashion WeekUK
Feb 21-27Milano Moda DonnaItaly
Feb 26-Mar 6Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Mar 27-31SA Fashion WeekSouth Africa
Apr 23-27Barcelona Bridal WeekSpain
May 13-17Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AustraliaAustralia
May 25-26Fiji Fashion WeekFiji
May 26-Jun 2Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MaltaMalta
Jun 14-Jul 21Milano Moda MainItaly
Jun 19-24Paris Fashion Week – MenFrance
Jun 28-30AltaRomAltaModaItaly
Jul 1-5Paris Fashion Week – Haute CoutureFrance
Jul 3-7Berlin Fashion WeekGermany
Jul 6-11Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MadridSpain
Jul 9-12Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/SummerChina
Jul 22-26Helsinki Fashion WeekFinland
Sep 14-18London Fashion WeekUK
Sep 18-24Milan Fashion Week Women'sItaly
Sep 24-Oct 2Paris Fashion Week – WomenFrance
Oct 4-7Alicante Fashion WeekSpain
Oct 4-7Marbella Fashion WeekSpain
Oct 21-26São Paulo Fashion WeekBrazil
Oct 23-27SA Fashion WeekSouth Africa

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week
Afterpay Australian Fashion Week - Clair Helen
Frankfurt Fashion Week
Frankfurt Fashion Week | Germany, Europe