CIFF Fashion Trends
Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Far-Off Lands


CIFF Fashion Trends Women Far-Off Lands

Far-Off Lands creates an essential imaginary parenthesis: a strange World of chimerical softness and Galactic surges, where we are suspended between the year 1000 and an uncertain future.

Once upon a time, living the natural life of frugal simplicity and unassuming beauty … a return to the source of neo-Shaker or Pre-Raphaelite neo-romanticism, of a symbiosis with flora and fauna. This enchanted “green” dream of softness and freshness inspires urbanites tired of the Fast track and Junk life. We want to infuse, in our lives, some utopia, ecological adventure and rethink our relationship to nature in an exploding, muffled, timeless world, a precursor of things to come. This is the prelude to a new movement.

To be in harmony with one’s surroundings is essential. Nature inspires our way of life and adds poetry and softness to the wardrobe.


CIFF Fashion Trends Men Far-Off Lands

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