CIFF Fashion Trends
Spring/Summer 2007 – Tropical Shadows

CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Tropical Shadows
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Tropical Shadows
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Tropical Shadows
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Tropical Shadows

Head for the Americas – both central and South – to discover the exuberance of the Carribean cultures: from the rasta rhythms of Jamaica to the mosaics of Cuba. Luxurious vegetation, extreme sensuality and masculine and feminine influences combined create a sort of baroque flamboyance in a twilight of rich tonalities.

A palette rich in colour and density, ranging from the deepest of shades to the most dazzling. Earthy and vegetal shades tones inspired by the Amazonian forest.
For outerwear: quite a dark range with dense, pigmented brights, turning around purplish tones, violet, khaki and teal.
For the smaller pieces: a real reddish palette playing in harmony with coral, orange, red and bordeaux.

The suit spirit reworked, with denim blousons becoming fitted jackets with accentuated waists and multi-pockets, matching short, straight « couture » denim skirts.
Little pieces in multicolour knit, always very body hugging.
A « cocktail dress » spirit with slim bodice and flared, supple skirts often ornamented with jewellery.
Importance of coloured or very dark « jean » pants, worn in contrast with cocktail blouses.
Short-sleeve tops with multi flounces.
Liberally ornamented « jewel » tops and dresses

Key products
– Wide necklines with shawl collars
– Multipockets, mainly small
– Rounded jacket hems
– Denim jackets reworked in « couture » proportions
– Multicolour crochet knits
– Ornaments and decoration: multi flounces, appliqués, ribbons, patchworks, patching, embroideries, beads, sequins
– Exuberant flounces and pleating

Sturdy, compact fabrics such as denim, canvas and slubbed cloths.
For jackets and pants, wool/polyester weaves, shot fabrics, damasks or tone-on-tone Jacquards.
In contrast are fluid, silky fabrics: chiffons, irregularly pleated fabrics, runny jerseys.
A multicolour spirit for knits.
Importance of recoloured madras’ and of course prints of flowers, giant foliage and baroque motifs mixed with vegetal motifs.
Added decorative effects are ultra present: beads, fringes, flounces, sequins and often worked in a spirit of patchwork and accumulation.

– Shopping or saddle bag in romantic madras
– Plays of plaited leather bands for shoulder bag and open sandals
– Platform tied with leather scarf
– Ethnic necklace

Make-up: Inspiration of sophisticated tropical flowers renew orchids for highly worked and colored make-up. Dark, metallised shades often lit up by light or bright tints, create a nocturnal look. Lips are well-designed and emphasized by extreme oranges and reds.
Hairstyles: A tropical beauty spirit with long hair held in place by surprising tropical flowers. A “South American star” direction with floating volume or short tight curls. Also an Amazonian look, with long highlighted hair worked like lianas.

A rich range of deep colors heightened by vivid, luminous notes inspired by luxurious vegetation, tropical birds and local artists’ paintings.

A supple, relaxed silhouette underlined by mixed styles : colonial/retro, an elegant surf mood. The importance of collarless, sleeveless or officer-collared jackets, collarless shirts, comfortably cut pants and bermudas with incorporated waistband and rope tie.

Key products
– Tropical jackets with Nehru collar in natural cotton, or cotton/linen
– Short and supple multi-pocketed jackets mixing exotic and uniform influences
– Full line and low-waisted pants in cotton, cotton/linen
– Short Bermudas in madras check
– Sport-spirit polo shirts
– Printed t-shirt with Tunisian collar
– Rib knit tank-top

Natural, compact, yet simple materials. Cotton and linen are confirmed in a fresh, slightly rustic mood. Micro-canvases, panama straws, ottoman games and reps are a must.
Solids work in even weaves like tarpaulins, compact micro canvases, panamas, ottomans or reps : either smooth evoking water over vegetation or in slubbed textures inspired by wine and roots.
Solids play up visible micro-structures in using slubbed yarns which emphasize rustic, sophisticated looks.
Prints take inspiration from abundant tropical vegetation and exotic birds (toucans, parrots …) ; all reworked with a modern touch.
In yarn dyes, we rediscover madras, stripes and multicolored checks, with or without patchwork effects.

– Saddle-bags in exotic print cloth and leather
– Plaited mules or thong sandals with printed or colored soles
– Sunglasses with tinted and smoked lenses
– Caps in a sport/tropical spirit
– Belts in plaited cloth, with crocodile details…

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