CIFF Fashion Trends
Spring/Summer 2007 – North Summer Light

CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - North Summer Light
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - North Summer Light
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - North Summer Light
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - North Summer Light

A desire for new purity, an elegance approaching a certain form of minimalism. Find the balance between the feminine and the masculine, with a 1920’s-30’s touch of retro influence. An athletics style for a silhouette nicely designed by little pieces of anatomical shapes plus a retro-sports style, inspired by tennis and regattas. Truly feminine is a fluid, sophisticated silhouette of « hanging dresses » in salmony tones.

A radical, minimal spirit, tending towards femininity.
For bottoms and outerwear: a very chic, sporty and modern palette in a harmony playing on the whiteness and light of beige-whites and pale greys contrasting with brown and black. For tops and small pieces: a more feminine spirit in a skin-coloured harmony of salmony beige and skintone of coppery reflects or else with touches of bleached pastels.

A more minimal, radical spirit makes a strong comeback after a very « show-off » period.
A chic, elegant look with accents of retro-sports and a masculine style revisited. New long, fitted jackets are extremely modern in a supple silhouette with a « gymnastic » feel or else over a « clean » ensemble of shirt, tank-top and wide pants.
Another, more close-fitting look of tops and pants with anatomical yokes and panelling.
More feminine is a light, fluid silhouette of tops and dresses hanging from the shoulders.

Key products
– Long, fitted jacket with hem darts
– Anatomic cuts, sophisticated by material mixing
– Fluid, body-hugging multi-panelling
– Buttonless shirts
– Giant, very graphic, uneven graphics enlivened by flat flowers
– Elongated lapels and patch pockets
– High waists
– Pleating
– Contrasting inset bands
– A « sports club » spirit revisited: blouson, contrasting buttons, masculine stripes

For spring: very clean qualities of drills, gabardines, poplins, crêpes and denim in wool, linen, cotton and blends.
A masculine wool spirit illustrated by chalk and stroke stripes, in light/dark contrasts or in tone-on-tone damask baguettes: in nonchalant ultra-soft wool, occasionally blended with polyester or cotton.
A gym inspiration for knits and stretch Lycra blends.
Great fluidity for jerseys and heavy crêpes in viscose, polyester and polyamide.
For a more feminine spirit silk is treated in a sophisticated, even extravagant manner: chiffons, crêpe georgette and satin, enlivened with pintucking, pleating, little banding and fringing for ultra-feminine dresses and hanging tops.
Silvery and mercurial effects for imitation leathers with coatings or mat sequins.
Giant, graphic patterns, plays of « disturbed » lines and curves, sometimes enlivened by flat flowers.

– Soft leather basket bags
– Soft bags with snap-fastened grosgrain tab or elastic tab
– Small rigid bag in printed cloth with gold metal trim details
– Platform soles shoes
– Soft mocassins
– Between ballerina and roman sandal
– Large sunglasses in figured Bakelite

Make-up: A total look spirit based on tinted beiges full of shade and light. Extremely sophisticated, it is modernized by the addition of mercurial grey.
Hair: A clean, constructed spirit, controlled either by short tomboy style cuts, architectural pageboys or else pinked effects. An athletics, sport spirit is felt in the wide bandeau holding back long hair for a neat, impeccable look.
Motifs: a geometric, optical, graphic spirit inherited from the creations of Vasarely.

A color range exuding elegance and refinement : pure white, pale summer gray, pinky beige. For a radical contrast, these pale neutrals play off dark tones : violet bordeaux, inky navy blue.
Two vivid hues: coral pink and menthol green liven up the range, bringing a more sporty touch.

A definitely chic man whose retro-sport style is inspired by 20’s and 30’s tennis, golf and yachting looks.
A certain form of minimalism influenced by an athletic style that adds modernity and defines the silhouette via shapes and anatomical cuts
A fairly straight, clean silhouette defined by small anatomically-shaped pieces or fitted pants.
In the spotlight : blazers, bermudas shorts and jacquard knits.

Key products
– Navy blue blazer
– Teddy blouson in a “college mood”
– The essential trench, now chic and pure
– Low-waisted straight pants.
– Chic Bermuda
– Chic, narrow-striped sport shirt
– Cardigan in blended wool or cashmere
– Optical retro jacquard knit
– T-shirts and tank tops in stripes for a yachting look or more fitted in an athletic mood.

– Optical striped saddle-bag
– Tennis-inspired saddle-bag
– White derby
– Chic white leather flip-flops
– Reworked deck shoe
– Flat high-tops with checks
– Knit tie, placed crest

Light, natural, refined materials : cotton, summer wool, linen … in pure or blended versions.
Clean qualities of canvas, gabardine, denim and poplin for fresh cotton hands.
A cruise mood for cable knits or flat ribs and two-tone geometric motifs interpreted in cotton or blended wools.
Inspired directly by gymnastics, we also note supple, stretch fabrics for tank tops, T-shirts and fitted pants.
Games of thin or thick two-tone stripes and 30’s geometrics worked for prints, silkscreens or placed motifs.
In a college mood, « traditional » crests are reworked in patchworks or recolored silkscreens.

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