CIFF Fashion Trends
Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Eco-Optimistic


CIFF Fashion Trends Women Eco-Optimistic

Eco-Optimistic refocuses on an active and empathetic utopia, on co–production, on simple, sustainable and appealing solutions.

Make way for the community spirit, collective action, and creative collaborations… for a dynamic and solidarity-based utopia that will rebuild social ties and turn passive consumers into imaginative co-producers. This new generation of pragmatic altruism believes in the energizing power of enthusiasm, seeks simple, sustainable, alternative, local, fair and appealing solutions that aren’t swamped in artificial lecturing and ideology. Basic, human and atypical solutions that are made for all those who have accepted the constraints of the modern world but take it with a dose of humor and hedonism.

With Eco-optimistic, we reinvent daily life by using color in a pragmatic and simple way.

It offers a new aesthetic for an easy and casual wardrobe, for those who balance environmental responsibilities with playfulness.


CIFF Fashion Trends Men Eco-Optimistic

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