CIFF Fashion Trends
Spring/Summer 2007 – Globe Trotter

CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Globe Trotter
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Globe Trotter
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Globe Trotter
CIFF Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2007 - Globe Trotter

A chic, nonchalant trek across Asia, following the route of the old colonial trading posts through Indochina and Indonesia…to create a new, personal travelogue, in slightly bleached and faded colours. The silhouettes of these contemporary globetrotters fade into the local landscape, combining sportswear with a uniform spirit, but always with ultra-feminine pieces, with just a hint of ethnic in a detail or trim…

A dominance of colours with a faded, filtered aspect and subtle nuances, enlivened by some stronger colours such as violet or a yellow.
For outerwear pieces, tinted, smoked neutrals derived from khaki
For the smaller pieces: subtly faded shades, but lighter and slightly more luminous.

Predominance of a mixing spirit: uniform trend, close fitting masculine jacket either Hindu, military or colonial inspiration, worn with fluid, ultra-feminine items in lace or chiffon
A silhouette of round volumes for skirts, dresses or tunics
Little wrapped pieces
Importance of mixing on the same garment: fluid blouse with pockets or belt in basic cloth
A more womanly spirit in ultra-sexy military garments in backless cuts for example…
Straight skirts with accentuated waists also make a comeback

Key products
– Mixtures: basic sportswear fabrics + fluid chiffon or lace
– Patch pockets
– Gathers
– Print patchworks
– Wrapped spirit
– High collars
– Over-sized
– Accentuated waist and Asymmetries

For bottoms and outerwear:
Irregular, lightly slubbed cloths with a marled, faded or even bleached aspect and denims in faded colours
Occasionally even adorned with embroideries, appliqués or over-prints
False-solids, blurred mini checks, in cotton blends, linen or summer wool
For very feminine, smaller pieces: lace, sometimes over-printed, linen voiles, cotton/silk, chiffons and silky crêpes
Importance of prints…of Asian, Chinese or Indonesian influence with batiks, flower mixes or rhythmical mini motifs
A « personal travelogue » spirit: a mixture of sketches, cards, photos and stamps in patchworks and collages…
Some technical fabrics, slightly oily or gummy for more sporty items.

– Shopping bag in aged leather and batik printed cloth
– Tabs, snaps-fastened flaps for platform soles, t-bars and open sandals with geometric and floral printed soles
– “Chinese” ballerinas revisited in aged leather or in print patchwork
– Fan in printed fabrics patchwork
– Multi-pockets and tabs, snap fastened and zips for shoulder bags and satchels
– Flat printed tennis shoes

Make-up: A poetic, feminine spirit with delicate make-up working around faded shades. Asian influences corrected by an interpretation of the redesigned eyebrow using fine, curved lines. A more adventurous spirit-sexier and provocative for a new adventurer.
Hairstyles: A little retro, slightly out-dated, poetic and feminine. Volumes are round, either in chignon form or with the hair held and curled inwards.
Motifs: Use Indonesian geometric motifs.

A mood of subtle, patinated, filtered colors revolving around beige, sand gray, gray-green and khaki with off-white and blue variations, all pepped up with straw yellow and pink to energize the whole look.

A chic, trekking silhouette mixing types – military, reporter and uniform – in an easy, casual mood.
Resolutely modern silhouettes : everything’s easy to reach (sunglasses, camera, hat, cell phone, digital atlas, micro-computer) for travel or for city nomads…you’re ready to go !

Key products
– Short blousons under a reporter or army influence
– Multi-pocketed jackets in military or colonial style
– Slacks and fatigue pants in mix of jeans and canvas
– Multi-pocketed Bermudas
– Reporter shirts ( multi-pockets) or colonial shirts with asian embroideries and prints.
– Decorative knits in new camouflage prints or using casual details (pockets,…) in a more utilitarian mood.

Always beautiful, natural, compact, resistant materials, sometimes slightly rustic, in light to heavy weights on 100% cotton or linen and cotton/linen grounds. A few technical fabrics complete the outfit.

A mood of dense, sophisticated, complex fabrics. Irregular mock solids : canvases, percales, panamas, basket weaves or broken twills, plus tri-dimensional micro-textures. Piece or yarn dyes associate with printed denims (map, atlas and new camouflage prints) and batik-inspired floral embroideries. An abundance of madras.
Play coordinates and patchwork games : prints + solids, solids contrasting with different colors and fabrics (solids + trims, solids + braids, solids + nettings, etc.). The importance of visual, micro and macro weaves.

– Hiking high-tops: bark decoration
– Basket in new camouflage print
– Travel-decorated knapsack
– Bob in loose weave effect
– Pilot sunglasses with smoke-tinted lenses
– Compass or souvenir pendant in a very globe-trotter style

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