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A trade show is an event where companies from a particular industry gather to showcase and demonstrate their products and services to potential buyers and customers. Trade shows are typically held at large convention centers and are open to industry professionals, such as buyers, suppliers, retailers, and distributors, as well as the general public in some cases.

Trade shows offer companies the opportunity to network, generate leads, and make sales. They are also an effective way to launch new products, introduce new technologies, and gauge customer feedback. For attendees, trade shows provide the opportunity to learn about new products and services, compare different companies and offerings, and make purchasing decisions.

Trade shows may be organized by trade associations, professional organizations, or private companies, and may be focused on specific industries such as technology, healthcare, automotive, or fashion, to name a few.

Trade shows are an important part of many industries, and they provide a valuable platform for companies to connect with potential customers and generate business opportunities. They can be a significant investment for companies, but the potential benefits in terms of increased exposure, leads, and sales can make them well worth the cost.

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Frankfurt am Main | Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Jacquemin - Trade Shows

Messe Frankfurt celebrates the 100th anniversary of its international sales partner network

May 5, 2022 – This year, Messe Frankfurt looks back on 100 years of doing business through its international sales partners. The global player now has a presence in 190 countries, creating an international network with 30 subsidiaries and around 50 sales partners that is without equal in the German exhibition industry.

Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Messe Frankfurt: β€œThe success of our global network structure can be seen in the fact that many of our foreign events are the second- or third-largest in their respective sectors worldwide – the largest being the corresponding flagship event at our Frankfurt base. The importance of this international network to our company has also been underscored during the pandemic, because our foreign events have allowed us to generate revenues that were denied to us in Frankfurt.”
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10th Anniversary of Design Shanghai
10th Anniversary of Design Shanghai - Trade Shows

German exhibitors have an average of eight objectives at trade fairs – β€œAUMA MesseTrend 2019” survey now published

Exhibitors pursue a wide range of objectives at trade fairs. Above all they want to establish direct personal contacts with customers. This is one of the results of the AUMA MesseTrend 2019, a representative survey of 500 companies that exhibit at fairs with a focus on trade visitors. Commissioned by AUMA – the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry – and conducted by TNS Emnid, the study has now been published.
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