CIFF Fashion Trends
Spring/Summer 2008 Global Poetry

CIFF Fashion Trends 2008 - Global Poetry

A generous and delightful trend that blends ethnic and historical influences. A sumptuous atmosphere in colour for all markets. Roomy majestic shapes for women. A dandy traveller look for men.

A warm palette of oranges and yellow ochres that are never too bright, crimson red to team with purple or celadon green. Grey and brown temper harmonies and neutralize an exoticism that could be too ordinary.

Early season…cotton suitings in worsted yarns. Woven mini-patterns, end-and-end, micro-geometrics like men’s kimonos.
Feminine shine…scroopy silks, taffeta, duchesse satins, cotton sateens, lacquered plain weaves in cotton. Fantasy from every country…damask shirt cottons, tattoo prints, orientalist line drawings, African graphics, Japanese-style florals, batiks, imitation basketwork patterns, carpet stripes, madras checks, oversized geometrics.

New suits…the suit mood also worn as separates. For men, supple, elongated, unlined jackets, with slim slacks “too long” or shortened into city shorts. For women, loose and roomy overjackets made feminine by layering over dresses and leggings. Shifts…T-shirts, tunic or dress length. Inflated oversize volumes, shapes to drape or tie, worn over leggings, jeans or loose pants. Ethno-mix…kimono-jackets, zouave-leggings, obi-waist skirts, kurta-T-shirts, sweaters with decorated bib-fronts, patched jeans.

Inset waists in printed fabrics. Raw-cut hems. Gathers, pleats, flounces. Roomy elbow-length or cropped sleeves. Embroidery, crochet, beads, braiding, pleated mini-flounces as decoration on knitwear.

Rich, exuberant, printed…compilation of fabrics, canvas, leather, beads, fringe, pompons. Braided totes, printed pouch bags. Scarf turbans and visors. Platform or open sandals with tied fabric trims. Coral, stones, feathers for jewelry. For men…kaffiyeh scarves in hand-crafted weaves, scarves with two-tone tattoo prints, belts in “folkloric” weaves to tie.

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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair