CIFF Fashion Trends
Spring/Summer 2008 Classic Twist

CIFF Fashion Trends 2008 - Classic Twist

A world of depths, a ’Blade Runner’ universe will feed our imagination. We will explore organic, mineral and synthetic materials in imposing shapes, pared-down austerity and controlled roughness. It is a tribute to protective materials and colours.

Subtle darks, asphalt greys, oily greens, earthy browns, and pale greenish or pinkish faux whites. A deceptively colourless range that intensifies mystery.

Austere woollens. Thick felts and rough compact broadcloths in coat weights, suitings and mock plains in cotton/wool.
Patinated cottons. Mock plains, muted stripes, washed or oiled twills and denims.
Shirts and tops. Allover, line, spot, tie dye prints, luxuriant engraved leaves.
Blurred knits. Heavy gauge woolly jerseys, mouliné and bouclé yarns, muted jacquards, textured stitches, folded effects, bark and moss looks. Fine gauge, wool and cashmere jerseys, stonewashed, metallic, printed.
Featherweight techno. Rubbery, waxed coatings, on cotton and knits. Padded nylons.
Fancy organic. Smooth leathers, fish and reptile skins. Cracked silky fabrics. Tarnished sequins.

Play of contrasts and lengths.
Classics to layer. Overcoats, maxi coats, uniform-inspired overcoats, lined wool parkas, enlarged shapes. To softly mix and mismatch with loose, cropped, above-the-ankle slacks or long floor-length skirts.
Maxi knits. Rounded coats, thick jackets, sailor tunics, carapace sweaters, zipped heavy-duty sweaters. To wear over jackets instead of a coat. To layer over boxy pants and skirts.
High protection. Between neo-army and a post industrial look, functional jackets, reinforced dungarees, slim or baggy jeans that are greasy, torn and patched-up in
one-of-a-kind style.
Shockproof luxury. Airbag blousons, short tubular jackets in precious tech fabrics. Multilayer design or sheath line, adaptable functionality.

Uniform buckles, metal zips. Multipockets and belt loops. Fabric mixes on the garment. Tilted hems.

Very dark or very light. To erase details and make products futuristic. Wide bracelets as though cut from the block, thick derby shoes as if moulded. Biker spirit, caps, ankle boots with buckles, satchel bags or harness-style waist packs.
Mineral or vegetable. Rock or fossil style jewellery. Platform reptile-skin sandals. Boiled wool trainers, maxi oversize knitted scarves, thick hand-knitted socks to wear with winter sandals, bags in a patchwork of knit stitches.

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