CIFF Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 – Doll’s House

CIFF Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 - Doll’s House
CIFF Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 - Doll’s House

A romantic, slightly childlike ambience comes floating back to us from our first memories, inviting us to inhabit our imagination and rediscover our carefree childhood. Ornamented with the flounces and ribbons of the old por­celain dolls, the silhouette of a woman-child takes form.

WOMEN Fabrics silky, delicate fabrics, such as chiffon, sup­ple tulles, washed silk and fine taffetas. Fresh cottons, Damask, piques and relief fabrics, with smoking trims. Soft, warmer as­pects, brushed wool and cashmere broadcloths, mat velvets, pinwales, cotton, moleskin, imitation suede either solid-coloured or in tone-on-tone jacquard. Airy knits in mohair, knit lace and woolly jerseys with worked trims.
Colour a range of faded neutrals working around purplish tones, faded burgundies and greys with winter beiges. Softer, powdery colours, as if bleached, or else more greyed with a faded salmon a touch of acidic tones awaken this ambience.
Silhouettes a slim silhouette on top with worked puff sleeves then flaring out to the hem, in a “princess” spirit. Good little girl look, hanging volume for little coats and dresses in light taffetas or fresh cottons.
Focus slim spencer jackets, little flared coats or coat-jackets. Little girls dresses. Little pieces in airy or lace mohair knits. Fluid blouses with smocking, gathering, ruching and flounced effects. Knee-length Skirts.
Accessories platform soles for T-bars or lace-up boots. Balleri­nas with grosgrain, mini bags or shopping bags in printed cloth with charms.

Published by CIFF
Federation of Danish Textile & Clothing / Trends Nelly Rodi

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