Dakar Fashion Week | Senegal, Africa

Dakar Fashion Week celebrates fashion, revealing the cultural riches of Africa. Beyond the catwalk to reveal stylists, it is associated crafts and music at these festive events. The event is now present each year to celebrate black beauty and the emancipation of the black woman. This week propels young Senegalese designers on the international scene by providing a bridge between creation in the world and Senegal.

Dakar Fashion Week

Senegal’s Dakar Fashion Week: The catwalk in a baobab forest

Dec 15, 2020 – Organisers of this year’s Dakar Fashion Week have a message for the world: sustainability is in style.

Forced by coronavirus restrictions to hold the show outside, models emerged beside the trunk of an ancient baobab tree to stride down the catwalk.

The event, held at the weekend in Senegal’s capital with the theme of environmental responsibility, featured 20 designers whose collections – both those on the runway and sold in boutiques – have long been handmade on the continent rather than mass produced in factories.
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Dakar Fashion Week