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Amato at Dubai Fashion Week


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Bahrain Fashion WeekBahrain
Cairo Fashion WeekEgypt
Tel Aviv Fashion WeekIsrael
Beirut Fashion WeekLebanon
Qatar Fashion WeekQatar
Arab Fashion WeekUAE
Dubai Fashion WeekUAE
Emirates Fashion WeekUAE
International Fashion Week DubaiUAE

Egyptian Fashion and Design Council - Egypt Fashion Week - Fashion Weeks

Egypt Fashion Week
The Egyptian Fashion and Design Council has announced the country’s first ever fashion week at a press conference in the capital, Cairo. To take place in May 2023, the opening night will be held in the Cairo Egyptian Museum and feature the work of prominent Egyptian designers.
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The Arab Fashion Council ©️(AFC) is the world’s largest not-for-profit organization that aims to establish a fashion system (infrastructure) by uniting the 22 Arab countries under the umbrella of creative economy, based on knowledge and production; by making use and sharing collective know-how, experience and resources of the industry. The AFC was formed in 2014 to represent the fashion industry in the 22 Arab Countries and is a trademark registered under UAE federal law. It is funded by industry patrons and commercial sponsors. It leads the industry through creative influence and is strategically taking the necessary steps to position Arab fashion industry in the global fashion economy.

The AFC’s strategic pillars are; economy based on the creative knowledge, made within the Arab Fashion System, reputation, education, sustainability and fashion for humanity.

AFC works to establish a coherent fashion system in the region with an important focus on education and cultural development, an initiative that contributes to the promotion of cultural diversity and support to creative industry, which is in line with activities that UNESCO Office in Doha is also undertaking.

The AFC has redefined the terms of the current luxury market by defining a new term in the fashion dictionary, Ready-Couture ®️, which represents over 70% of the luxury market share.

In addition, the Arab Fashion Council ©️ endorses & coordinates the Arab Fashion Week, which is the main fashion platform that represents the Arab countries, enabling Arab brands to promote their creative work globally.

The Middle East has seen a growing presence in the global fashion scene, with several cities hosting their own Fashion Weeks to showcase the rich and diverse talents of designers from the region. Here’s an overview of the history of fashion events in the Middle East:

Dubai Fashion Week, UAE (est. 2006) – Dubai Fashion Week emerged as one of the first major fashion events in the Middle East, starting in 2006. It quickly gained recognition for showcasing a blend of international and regional designers, reflecting Dubai’s cosmopolitan and multicultural identity.

Arab Fashion Week, Various Cities (est. 2015) – Arab Fashion Week is a multi-city event that has been hosted in various locations, including Dubai and Riyadh. It was established in 2015 and aims to provide a platform for designers from the Arab world and beyond. The event showcases ready-to-wear and couture collections.

Saudi Fashion Week, Riyadh (est. 2018) – Saudi Fashion Week was launched in Riyadh in 2018, marking a significant development in the fashion landscape of Saudi Arabia. The event aims to promote local talent and contribute to the growth of the fashion industry in the country.

Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD), UAE (est. 2013) – While not a traditional fashion week, Fashion Forward Dubai is an influential biannual event that focuses on promoting Middle Eastern designers. It features runway shows, presentations, and panel discussions, contributing to the development of the regional fashion ecosystem.

Istanbul Fashion Week, Turkey (est. 2010) – Istanbul Fashion Week has played a crucial role in showcasing the unique blend of East and West influences in Turkish fashion. The event features both established and emerging designers, contributing to Istanbul’s status as a global fashion hub.

Qatar Fashion Week, Doha (est. 2011) – Qatar Fashion Week has been a platform for local and international designers to showcase their collections in Doha since 2011. The event aims to position Qatar as a key player in the global fashion industry.

These fashion events in the Middle East highlight the region’s commitment to fostering local talent, promoting cultural diversity, and participating in the global fashion conversation.

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