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What are Fashion Festivals?

Fashion festivals are events that celebrate and showcase fashion in a broader and more inclusive way than traditional fashion weeks. While fashion weeks primarily focus on designers presenting their collections, fashion festivals often incorporate a wider range of activities, events, and experiences that engage both industry professionals and the general public. These festivals may include runway shows, exhibitions, workshops, pop-up shops, live performances, and more.

In general Fashion Weeks are trade events and Fashion Festivals are consumer events. For more information, please contact the organizers.

Opinion: Why the Axing of Adelaide Fashion Festival is a Mistake

Last month the state government announced the dumping of the Adelaide Fashion Festival, replacing it with an expanded version of its retail-focused spin-off, Vogue Festival. Good Studios designer and Slow co-founder Anny Duff explains what this means for the industry.

When the Liberal party won the state election last March, those of us working in the local arts sector knew we were on borrowed time before funding cuts began. So it was no surprise when an email came through announcing the cancellation of the Adelaide Fashion Festival (AFF) last week. But it still left many of us devastated, bewildered and angry.