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European Fashion Council celebrates six years of its establishment

EFC Press / May 27, 2013
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU

A special, 3-day international conference, organized by the Baltic Fashion Federation, which is part of the Presidential Board of The European Fashion Council, represented in Latvia and the Baltic region by Ms. Elena STRAHOVA, will take place in the capital of Latvia – Riga. The project, funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Baltic Sea Region Program 2007-2013 will be attended by 10 countries – Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, as member states of the European Fashion Council, and by Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Finland. The conference will be attended by the President of the European Fashion Council – Ms. Nadia VALEVA who is also representing the National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria.

Innovations in Fashion and Textile Industries - Baltic Fashion Federation

The extremely well prepared program of the event is entirely devoted to the theme: “Innovation in the fashion and textile industries”, and will begin tomorrow from 28th of May until 30th of May (including). On the topic related to the prospects, issues and opportunities for development, will take part, Ms. Zaneta JAUNZEME – Minister of Culture of Republic of Latvia, also advisors of the Ministry of Economy and of the Ministry of Education of Latvia, the representatives of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency and project partners of the Baltic Fashion from Germany, Poland, Sweden and Finland.

Besides the national action plan of Latvia for the Baltic Region, presented by the President of the Baltic Fashion Federation – Ms. Elena STRAHOVA, enough time in the program will be paid for the Innovation called “European Fashion Council”, with its program of activities and a status of an Official Representative Non-governmental Organization for Fashion and Fashion Design in the European Union. Baltic Fashion FederationThe President of the European Fashion Council – Ms. Nadia VALEVA will present all that has been realized in the 6-year period from its establishment on 19th of May, 2007 until now, achievements that are an irrevocable part of the European Union’s report on the implementation of EU-UNESCO Convention for Protection and Promotion of new forms of Cultural Diversity. Furthermore, the “Fashion Europe” program, which includes 157 activities for Fashion and Fashion Design, each one by itself as an innovation not only to Europe, but to the whole world, there will also be presented an innovative concept, which will be used by the European Fashion Council to participate in the consultation of the preparation of the European Union’s policies in different sectors of the economy and which has been successfully deposited on 30th of March in relation to the protection of intellectual property rights.

An action plan of the European Fashion Council in connection to the consultations for the preparation and implementation of policies for the long-term financing of the EU, particularly the European Fashion Council in the part of the Fashion industries and all related creative industries, will also be presented on the conference. This is related to the approved activity to create a Target Fund between private investors, partners and the European Union, on the development of the Fashion industries in Europe and through it – worldwide, in the implementation of the UNESCO Convention. This will be achieved through an Investment board and an Advisory board as parts of the European Fashion Council. On a special press conference on the 29th of May at 5p.m the results of the Conference on “Innovation in the Fashion and Textile industries” will be presented. All interested media are free to receive their accreditation by the IP department of the Baltic Fashion Federation on that press conference.

A beautiful part of the conference program in Latvia, which the kind hosts have organized, is a gala fashion show of the students of the Art Academy of Latvia. The message “Connected by Fashion” by the hosts of Latvia ( shows the united power of the European Union of Art and Ideas, which the member states of the European Fashion Council have built and are still building, as a part of a strategy to develop and support the Fashion industries in Europe.