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European Fashion Council historic meeting in Sofia

The General Assembly of the European Fashion Council takes place during Sofia Fashion Week Couture

European Fashion Council historic meeting in Sofia during Sofia Fashion Week Couture 2015
EFC Press / January 21, 2015
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU

Preparations for a huge fashion business meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, are in full swing.

During Sofia Fashion Week Couture, 28 Jan-3 Feb, 2015, the General Assembly of the European Fashion Council (EFC) will take place. Board members of 24 EFC countries have been invited to attend.

Also, a delegation of the European Commission from Brussels will attend to announce the new initiative ‘European Fashion Capital‘, which will be organised every year by the European Fashion Council and its member organizations.

European Fashion Council historic meeting in Sofia

A special guest speaker from the Netherlands is fashion researcher and designer Hasmik Matevosyan. She will give a lecture about sustainability and clothes psychology.

Fashion researcher and designer Hasmik Matevosyan“Fashion will not only stop destroying lives and the environment, it will even switch to a contributing industry that empowers clothing producers and consumers while at the same time benefiting the environment.” says Hasmik, “We all wear clothes, which means that we all are influenced by fashion and that we influence fashion on our turn.”

In May 2014 she won the title of a Radical Innovator of the Future with her project and recently published book “Paradigm Shift in Fashion“. Hasmik is convinced she can change the fashion industry of today to the better.

Hasmik will explain how each one of us can make a difference, simply by adjusting our laundry practices or rethinking our decisions regarding the new purchases that we make. She will also explain how fashion brands and retailers can change the world as it is now, simply by starting a dialogue with the consumers and designing clothes based on the needs and desires, while at the same time keeping the well-being of clothing producers in mind. Hasmik’s ambition is to revolutionize the fashion industry from inside out.

Watch her speech at TEDxMaastricht here:

Similar as with the European Capital of Culture, a European Fashion Capital city will be designated by the European Union for a period of one calendar year during which it organises a series of fashion events with a strong European dimension.

Furthermore, Ambassadors of 24 EU countries and 11 leading Asian countries will come together with EFC to establish a new international collaboration within the fashion industry.

To honour award-winning national fashion designers and international trade relations, Diplomatic Fashion Receptions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (02.02.2015), Pakistan (31.01.2015), and Nigeria (01.02.2015) will take place on various locations in the city.

To celebrate this historic event, fashion designers of EFC member countries will show their latest couture on the catwalk of Sofia Fashion Week Couture. More information to be announced soon.