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The European Fashion Council (EFC) turned 14 years

The Kingdom of SPAIN entered in the management as the 28th member-state
Together with the Kingdoms of SWEDEN and BELGIUM creatively was changed the vision of the Presidential Fashion Council of Europe

Digital European Fashion Academy & Digital European Fashion Week was established

EFC Press / May 2021

In the last decade, the European Fashion Day has been an integral part of the festive calendar of Europe and the world, which traditionally marks another anniversary of the founding of the European Union of Arts and Ideas, expressed in a representative European Fashion Council. In the current 2021, May 19th its marked the 14th anniversary. In it, two significant activities of the member states left impressive and promising traces in the calendar of the United Fashion Europe.

Fashion map of the EFC 2021

The first of them, is the prepared and adopted investment strategy-program “Fashion HORIZON 2050”, in which united 338 ideas, initiatives, causes, events and activities, the mostly implemented at national levels, came together. “Fashion Horizon 2050” was designed to be fully beneficial and as part of the EU’s Recovery and Sustainability Plan in the post-covid period of reforms and investments not only of the fashion and creative industries at pan-European level, but also of the economies of the EU countries and the countries of the rest of Europe and the world with first stage of implementation until 2026/2027. The procedure for registration of the unique product has started and will be finalized by the beginning of June 2021 by addressing it to the Presidents of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and a global investors as a contribution from all 28 member states.


The second of them, is the newly built creative vision of the Presidential Council for Fashion of Europe. Its beginning was recognized in 2011 as a highly responsible institution for shaping EU and European sectoral policies through the power of fashion such as culture, economy, education, international relations and world peace. That is why deservedly and with confidence, the EFC received and was eligible to wear a proud, the EU logo with a stars on the blue base, modified in an extended version for the fashion industry by the Dutch author and member of the Presidential Council of the EFC, Mr. Frank VERSPOOR – media publisher, expert, jeweler, manager, strategist and innovator.

The creative charge of the European Fashion Institution was impressively strengthened with the entry of the Kingdom of SPAIN into its management as the 28th member state. She is represented by the SPANISH FASHION COUNCIL with President Ph.D. Julio Cesar BATTAGLIA and Producer of the Fashion Weeks in Marbella, Granada, Puerto Bonus and Haute Couture Madrid ( “As you know, the most important fashion sectors in Spain are textiles and footwear, both with great success not only in the national, but also in the international market, and it will be a pleasure for us to be part of EFC,” said he for a high-performance management in capacity as the Spanish fashion producer with extensive experience and as an active haute couture designer.
Not only his proven high expertise in sports management as a doctor of physical culture and sports will be of great benefit for the implementation of the investment program FASHION HORIZON 2050 in the sectoral relationship Fashion-Sport, but also his creative vision combined with excellent strategic thinking and activity. are necessary for the management of the European fashion industry. Born in Argentina, through him positions the European Fashion Council expeditiously began to develop its potential for global partnerships with not one South American country.

Ph.D. Julio César BATTAGLIA, Spain – President of the Spanish Fashion Council
Ph.D. Julio César BATTAGLIA, Spain – President of the Spanish Fashion Council

The emphasis on the global application of European creative know-how in fashion design and fashion in general has reinforced two more important changes in the EFC Presidential Council:

Imane BELMKADDEM, Sweden/Мароко – President of the Stockholm International Fashion Fair
Imane BELMKADDEM, Sweden/Мароко – President of the Stockholm International Fashion Fair

The Kingdom of SWEDEN is already represented by the Consortium of Stockholm International Fashion Fair, Stockholm International Fashion Days and Fashion In-Ter-Art as Sweden/EU & Marroco/the North Africa Fashion PR Studio, led by fashion designer, producer and PR expert Iman BELMKADDEM ( As a naturalized Moroccan, with her distinctive high activity and strong creative charge, the European fashion management not only for the Scandinavian countries in Europe, but also for the North Africans, began to report the first positive results as of part of the European fashion strategy for peace and prosperity.

The next other star in the management of the European Fashion Council which began to shine impressively brightly is the newest representative of the Kingdom of BELGIUM in the Presidential Council of the EFC. She is represented via the unique creative potential of haute couture designer EMMALYNE ROSE (, whose excellent productivity and quality ranked her among the world leaders – fashion producers as the founder of the International Fashion Week of Belgium ( and President of the Belgian Union for Fashion and Arts Starfall VZW.

mmalyn ROSE, Belgium - photo Wannes Nimmegeers HLN – President of the International Fashion Week Belgium and the Belgium Union of Fashion and Arts Starfall VZW
Emmalyne ROSE, Belgium – photo by Wannes Nimmegeers for newspaper HLN – President of the International Fashion Week Belgium and the Belgium Union of Fashion and Arts Starfall VZW

„As Belgium and Brussels are the capital of Europe, housing the European Commission and being an important pool where there is a large scale cross-pollination in fashion by different cultures, nations, styles, arts and economics, gives me the highest the gratitude to serve this important cause“, said the talented Emmalyne ROSE on the occasion of her inclusion in the Presidential Council for Management of the European Fashion Industry. You can soon expect the opening of a specialized EFC office in the EU capital in Brussels, which as a bridge with the founding headquarters of the EFC in Plovdiv, Bulgaria will realize even more expeditiously the strategic interests, goals and causes of the fashion industry of the 28 мember-states from the EU and Europe in the world.

The pearl in the fashion constellation of the 14-year creative activity of the EFC is the newly established Digital European Fashion Academy (DEFA). It will be managed by teams of the NETHERLANDS, BULGARIA and SPAIN, based with headquarters in Alicante, Spain. Her trainings, specializations and master classes are in short 60-hour schools, courses, seminars and workshops in digital and/or hybrid format for 36 specialties, divided into 8 departments and 3 sessions/year (spring, summer and autumn-winter). They will prepare children, pupils and pre-students from all over the world for higher education in fashion, but will also specialize creative people from all age groups, whose goal is to start realization with their own fashion brand immediately. DEFA has started enrollment for the first 15 of them and these are the Schools of Fashion Design, Fashion Stylistics, Textile Design, Classic and/or CD-CAM Modeling and Pattern Construction of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, Haute Couture School, and more for Fashion photography, for Models, Make-up, Fashion journalism, Fashion film directing, Fashion marketing, Fashion management and Visual Merchandising at on the successful 10-year model at

For the career support of young and established fashion designers and brands, twice/annually from October 1st to 7th and March, from the current 2021, the traditional production of Digital European Fashion Week with Awards begins, in which the programs for European and international design exchanges, bussness and trade partnerships with all fashion centers, buyers and media around the world receive a leading focus:

Good luck to the 15th year of the European Fashion Council – the European Union of Arts and Ideas, and ever together till the Fashion Horizon 2050!

EFC Press Editor