Diane Pernet Paris Perfume Collection

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Video: The Color Stalker meets Diane Pernet
Dana sits down with Diane Pernet, the creative behind ASVOF blog & ASVOFF fashion film festival to discuss about blogging, film festival and her fragrance collection.

Diane Pernet Paris at Liberty

Intertrade Group and Diane Pernet, presenting the Diane Pernet Paris Perfume Collection at Liberty store, Feb 23, 2015. Situated in the heart of London since 1875, Liberty is one of the last great emporiums for innovative and eclectic design and continues to be the destination of choice for sophisticated shoppers and fashion connoisseurs. Liberty is known for its heritage but also for its steady search for innovative new products and projects coherent with their philosophy, making it the ideal partner to launch Diane Pernet Paris in the UK market.

For two weeks, the beauty windows of Liberty will showcase the four one-of-a-kind fragrances created by the fashion doyenne Diane Pernet and Celso Fadelli (Ceo of Intertrade Group) with his team of master perfumers. The collection was unveiled at Joyce Gallery Paris this September and is currently available in all Avery Perfume Gallery stores worldwide (London, Milan, Florence, Modena, New Orleans). Diane chose the unique vision of Mike Figgis to produce a series of short fashion movies dedicated to the fragrances, directed by the Oscar-nominated British director and styled by fashion editor Tina Leung, to debut online with the launch at Liberty. The project presents a vision of beauty pollinated by cinema and music, with a gaze towards fashion.

Each movie is inspired by Mike’s experience of the perfumes, which all capture an intimate aspect of Diane Pernet’s persona: secret desires, the quest for happiness, the pleasure of being worshipped, the power of truth. The four fragrances are: the woody To be Honest, the oriental Wanted, the citrusy In pursuit of Magic and the ocean-fresh Shaded.

Diane Pernet

Diane Pernet Paris Perfume Collection
Diane Pernet Paris Perfume Collection
Diane Pernet Paris Perfume Collection at Liberty