World Indigenous Fashion Week 2017

World Indigenous Fashion Week 2017

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Recognizing the immense cultural diversity of ethnic and indigenous designers worldwide

With an estimated 370 million indigenous people in 90 Countries around the world, practicing unique traditions and strongly retaining their respective socio-economic, political and cultural characteristics, a newly formed World Indigenous Fashion Council® (WIFC®) aims to deliver an unprecedented Fashion Week from October 4 – 8, 2017 in Ipoh City, Malaysia.

The World Indigenous Fashion Week® will deliver a spectrum of opportunities for both the creative and commercial, exhibiting unparalleled fashion and stylish eccentricity originating from designers across seven continents.

Recognizing the immense cultural diversity of ethnic and indigenous designers worldwide, WIFC® safeguards the creativity for indigenous fashion industry.
Representatives of the WIFC® believe the collective objective is clear – innovation, ethnicallyrobust offerings and refinement.

The strategic goal of the WIFC® is to ensure originality and to create a more equitable and sustainable future for the indigenous fashion industry.

Championed across the globe, the World Indigenous Fashion Council® include representatives from Australia, Asia, Caribbean Region, Europe, Hong Kong & India, Kenya & Uganda, Malaysia, New Zealand, North America, Russia & RCIS, South Africa, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

New Zealand is possibly the smallest country to be represented, but for the last eight years, indigenous fashion has been a leading force at New Zealand Fashion Week and is now well integrated in mainstream.

Co-founder of Miromoda, the Indigenous Māori Fashion Apparel Board in New Zealand believes the indigenous fashion aesthetic in mainstream has proved challenging, but culturally rewarding.

“The point of difference for Māori designers is the ability to reference their cultural richness,” says Te Kanawa.

As innovators, strategists and leaders in their respective fields, the WIFC® will play a significant role in design, business, technology and communications, thereby accelerating the development and growth for the indigenous fashion industry globally.

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World Indigenous Fashion Week 2017