Viscom Dusseldorf 2015

Viscom Düsseldorf 2015

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Viscom Düsseldorf 2015: Important end-of-the-year trade fair for investments in visual communication.


At viscom düsseldorf 2015, around 340 exhibitors will present innovations in the segments of large format printing, signmaking, object design, digital signage, POS display and POS packaging. As in the past, the largest segment will once again be large format printing with the themes machinery, materials and accessories. Here, the concentrated power of the printing industry will come together. Advertising technicians, graphics businesses and media producers will find what they are looking for primarily in the viscom signmaking segment, where the focus is on machinery, procedures and advertising technology. For object furnishers, shopfitters and marketing managers the object design segment is the point of call for innovative print procedures, industrial design and visual merchandising. The digital signage segment on the other hand opens a vista on new technologies and applications, such as digital signposting and orientation systems or corporate communications systems. Full-service providers showcase the complete range of services. The POS display and POS packaging segments take us to the marketing hotspot Point of Sale. Displays of the latest generation as well as packaging highlights will be presented here to the target groups of retailers, brand manufacturers and distributors as well as advertising agencies and manufactures.

Viscom Düsseldorf 2015

Boosting sales

One trade fair, six segments, countless contacts: The synergies between the various viscom segments continually open up new distribution channels and access to new target groups and potential sales. At viscom, companies cannot only target specific audiences within their own core segment: Looking beyond their own field opens new opportunities. At the same time, viscom brings together a particularly high number of decision-makers: Around 7,200 of last year’s total of 10,064 visitors at viscom held decisive influence on the purchasing decisions made in their companies. The total volume of investments came to approximately 181 million euro.


As a result, viscom offers an all-round perspective on visual communication that is unique in the European trade fair market. This is also the view of many of the international visitors at viscom, 70 percent of whom visit no other trade fair than viscom in Germany. The 25 percent of foreign visitors at last year’s viscom came to Frankfurt from almost 50 countries.

Viscom Düsseldorf 2015


For exhibitors and visitors, viscom has always been more than just a trade fair. A large number of events and awards bring the industry together and the big innovations into the limelight. In cooperation with international media partners and associations, the trade fair is the industry network for visual communication. Education and advanced training as well as inspiration and best practices form the pillars on which the extensive supporting programme rests. During the time between trade fairs, viscom offers a platform for exhibitors and a valuable source of information through media such as the viscomblog.


Information and inspiration will again be offered by the viscom 2015 supporting programme featuring lectures, awards and special exhibitions. Here exhibitors can express their views on current trends and issues and enter into direct dialogue with interested visitors. A particularly valuable platform for presentation will again be the viscom world of inspiration which affords companies a further possibility to showcase technologies, products or services – from procedures to materials and design through to the finished product, embedded in the overall process chain. The focus here is less on popular classics than on the unusual and on ideas offering a potential for inspiration.

About Viscom Düsseldorf 2015

From classic advertising technology to digital printing through to digital advertising and POS media – with its six theme worlds, viscom presents the innovations in visual communication. In addition to the inspiring synergies created by the six themes – large format printing – signmaking – object design – covering the “Technologies and Materials” segment and – digital signage – POS display – POS packaging – covering the “Applications and Marketing” segment, the event is clearly structured and thus leaves plenty of room for the development of each sector’s identity. A key factor for the success of viscom exhibitors and visitors alike, the event blends a classic trade fair with application-focussed special shows, European-level awards and an extensive supporting programme. This diversity is reflected in the trade fair’s visitor target groups, as well: viscom is aimed at brand manufacturers and distributors, manufacturing and retail marketing decision-makers, object designers, equipment and materials buyers, craftsmen, advertising technicians, agencies, and creative talent.
Alternating locations between Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, viscom 2015 will take place from Wednesday, 4 November, to Friday, 6 November.

Viscom Düsseldorf