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2024 Textile Trade Shows

2024Textiles Trade ShowsCountry
Jan 9-10The London Textile FairUK
Jan 9-12HeimtextilGermany
Jan 17-18Première Vision New YorkUSA
Feb 5-7Texworld Evolution ParisFrance
Feb 6-8Première Vision ParisFrance
Mar 5-7SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Mar 19-21APLF LeatherChina
Apr 23-26TechtextilGermany
Jun 5-6Denim Première VisionItaly
Jun 5-7Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel FabricsChina
Jul 1-3Avantex ParisFrance
Jul 1-3Texworld Apparel Sourcing ParisFrance
Jul 16-17Première Vision New YorkUSA
Jul 16-18Home Textiles SourcingUSA
Jul 16-18Texworld New York CityUSA
Aug 13-14Texworld / Apparel Sourcing Los AngelesUSA
Aug 20-22Techtextil North AmericaUSA
Aug 27-29Intertextile Shanghai Apparel FabricsChina
Aug 27-29SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Aug 27-29Yarn Expo AutumnChina
Sep 3-4The London Textile FairUK
Sep 3-5All China Leather ExhibitionChina
Sep 3-5TechnotextilRussia
Sep 24-26Advanced Textiles ExpoUSA
Nov 6-8APLF ASEANThailand
Nov 8-11ASFWEthiopia


2023Textiles Trade ShowsCountry
Jan 10-13HeimtextilGermany
Jan 17-18Première Vision New YorkUSA
Apr 18-21INDEXSwitzerland
May 10-12Techtextil North AmericaUSA
May 31-Jun 1Denim Première VisionGermany
Jul 3-5Texworld Evolution ParisFrance
Jul 4-6Première Vision ParisFrance
Jul 18-19Première Vision New YorkUSA
Jul 18-20Home Textiles Sourcing ExpoUSA
Aug 28-30Intertextile Shanghai Apparel FabricsChina
Aug 29-31All China Leather ExhibitionChina
Aug 29-31SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Sep 4-5The London Textile FairUK
Sep 5-7TechnotextileRussia
Oct 25-27APLF ASEAN Second EditionThailand
Nov 1-3Advanced Textiles ExpoUSA


2022Textiles Trade ShowsCountry
Jan 11-14HeimtextilGermany
Jan 18-19Première Vision New YorkUSA
Feb 7-9Texworld Evolution ParisFrance
Feb 8-10Première Vision ParisFrance
Mar 22-23The London Textile FairUK
Mar 30-Apr 1APLF-Leather and Materials+UAE
Apr 11-13SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
May 17-18Denim Première VisionGermany
May 17-19Techtextil North AmericaUSA
Jul 17-19Pure OriginUK
Jul 19-21Home Textiles Sourcing ExpoUSA
Aug 29-31Intertextile Shanghai Apparel FabricsChina
Aug 31-Sep 2All China Leather ExhibitionChina
Sep 20-22Heimtextil RussiaRussia
Nov 20-24ITMA ASIA + CITMEChina

Texworld Evolution Paris

Velcorex: Velours
Velcorex since 1828 is a company that designs, refines and produces velour fabrics and flat fabrics. The quality of its textiles is due to the use of unique finishing techniques, and ancestral processes in perpetual evolution, handed down from generation to generation since 1828.

2021Textiles Trade ShowsCountry
Jan 19-20Première Vision New YorkUSA
Feb 1-4Avantex ParisFrance
Feb 1-4Leatherworld ParisFrance
Feb 1-4Texworld ParisFrance
Jun 12-16ITMA ASIA + CITMEChina
Jul 5-9Texworld Evolution Paris - Le ShowroomFrance
Jul 13-14The London Textile FairUK
Jul 20-21Première Vision New YorkUSA
Jul 20-22Apparel Sourcing New York CityUSA
Jul 20-22Texworld New York CityUSA
Aug 17-19Printsource New YorkUSA
Aug 23-25Techtextil North AmericaUSA
Aug 31-Sep 2All China Leather ExhibitionChina
Aug 31-Sep 2SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Sep 14-16Heimtextil RussiaRussia
Sep 16-18Baltic Fashion & Textile VilniusLithuania
Sep 21-23Première Vision ParisFrance
Oct 9-11Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn EditionChina
Oct 19-20The London Textile FairUK
Oct 19-22INDEXSwitzerland
Nov 3-5Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel FabricsChina
Nov 17-19APLF Leather & Materials+China
Nov 17-19JapantexJapan
Nov 23-25China Clothing Textiles and Accessories ExpoAustralia
Dec 1-2Performance DaysGermany

2020Textiles Trade ShowsCountry
Jan 7-10HeimtextilGermany
Jan 19-21Apparel Sourcing USAUSA
Jan 19-21Texworld USAUSA
Jan 21-22Première Vision New YorkUSA
Jan 29-30Print Source New-YorkUSA
Feb 5-7Kyiv TextileUkraine
Feb 10-13Apparel Sourcing ParisFrance
Feb 10-13Avantex ParisFrance
Feb 10-13Leatherworld ParisFrance
Feb 10-13Texworld ParisFrance
Feb 25-27SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Mar 31-Apr 2APLF Leather & Materials+China
Apr 22-23Performance DaysGermany
Jul 14-16SpinExpo New YorkUSA
Jul 15-17Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel FabricsChina
Jul 21-23Texworld USAUSA
Jul 21-23Home Textiles Sourcing ExpoUSA
Aug 24-26Intertextile Shanghai Home TextilesChina
Sep 1-3Fabric DaysGermany
Sep 1-3SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Sep 8-10Kyiv TextileUkraine
Sep 23-25Intertextile Shanghai Apparel FabricsChina
Sep 29-Oct 1RISE – Research, Innovation & Science For Engineered Fabrics ConferenceUS
Nov 4-6IFAI ExpoUSA
Nov 5-7Baltic Fashion & Textile VilniusLithuania
Nov 11-13JapantexJapan
Nov 24-26China Clothing Textiles and Accessories ExpoAustralia

2019Textiles Trade ShowsCountry
Jan 8-11Heimtextil FrankfurtGermany
Jan 15-16Première Vision New YorkUSA
Jan 16-17Print Source New-YorkUSA
Jan 21-23Apparel Sourcing USAUSA
Jan 21-23Texworld USAUSA
Jan 30-Feb 1Kyiv TextileUkraine
Feb 11-14Avantex ParisFrance
Feb 11-14Apparel Sourcing ParisFrance
Feb 11-14TexworldFrance
Feb 26-28Techtextil North AmericaUSA
Mar 5-7SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Mar 12-14Intertextile Shanghai Home TextilesChina
Mar 13-15APLF Leather & Materials+China
Mar 20-22Premiere Vision IstanbulTurkey
Mar 20-22Premiere Vision IstanbulTurkey
May 8-9Performance DaysGermany
Jul 16-17Première Vision New YorkUSA
Jul 16-18SpinExpo New YorkUSA
Jul 22-24Apparel Sourcing USAUSA
Jul 22-24Texworld USAUSA
Aug 28-31Intertextile Shanghai Home TextilesChina
Sep 3-5All China Leather ExhibitionChina
Sep 3-5SpinExpo ShanghaiChina
Sep 4-6Kyiv TextileUkraine
Sep 10-12Indigo BrusselsBelgium
Sep 16-19Apparel Sourcing ParisFrance
Sep 16-19Avantex ParisFrance
Sep 16-19TexworldFrance
Sep 16-19Leatherworld ParisFrance
Sep 17-19Heimtextil RussiaRussia
Sep 17-20Texworld Denim ParisFrance
Oct 1-4IFAI ExpoUSA
Oct 23-25Premiere Vision IstanbulTurkey
Nov 12-14China Clothing & Textiles ExpoAustralia
Nov 13-14Performance DaysGermany
Nov 13-15JapantexJapan