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2023 Film Festivals

2023Film Festivals & AwardsCountry
Jan 5-16Palm Springs International Film FestivalUSA
Jan 19-29Sundance Film FestivalUSA
Feb 11Premios GoyaSpain
Feb 16-22European Film Market (EFM)Germany
Feb 16-26Berlinale – Berlin International Film FestivalGermany
Apr 20-27Moscow International Film FestivalRussia
May 16-27Festival de CannesFrance
Jun 2-11Brooklyn Film FestivalUSA
Jun 7-18Sydney Film FestivalAustralia
Jul 6-9Sundance Film Festival: LondonUK
Aug 18-23Edinburgh International Film FestivalUK
Aug 30-Sep 9Biennale - Venice International Film FestivalItaly
Sep 22-30San Sebastian International Film FestivalSpain
Oct 23-Nov 1Tokyo International Film FestivalJapan

2022 Film Festivals

2022Film Festivals & AwardsCountry
Feb 10-17European Film Market (EFM)Germany
Feb 10-20Berlinale – Berlin International Film FestivalGermany
Feb 12Premios GoyaSpain
Mar 31-Apr 11Hong Kong International Film FestivalChina
May 17-28Cannes Film Festival / Festival de CannesFrance
Jun 3-12Brooklyn International Film FestivalUSA
Jun 8-19Sydney Film FestivalAustralia
Jun 9-12Sundance Film Festival: London 2022UK
Jun 9-20Berlinale – Berlin International Film FestivalGermany
Jun 21-27Palm Springs International ShortFestUSA
Aug 12-20Edinburgh International Film FestivalUK
Aug 31-Sep 10Venice International Film FestivalItaly
Sep 16-24San Sebastian International Film FestivalSpain
Oct 24-Nov 2Tokyo International Film FestivalJapan
Dec 10European Film AwardsIceland
Moscow International Film FestivalRussia

2021 Film Festivals

2021Film Festivals & AwardsCountry
Jan 18-Feb 3Sundance Film FestivalUSA
Mar 6Premios GoyaSpain
Feb 11-18European Film Market (EFM)Germany
Mar 1-5Berlinale – Berlin International Film FestivalGermany
Apr 1-12Hong Kong International Film FestivalChina
Apr 22-29Moscow International Film FestivalRussia
May 11-22Cannes Film Festival / Festival de CannesFrance
Jun 4-13Brooklyn International Film FestivalUSA
Jun 9-20Berlinale – Berlin International Film FestivalGermany
Jun 22-28Palm Springs International ShortFestUSA
Aug 18-25Edinburgh International Film FestivalUK
Aug 18-29Sydney Film FestivalAustralia
Sep 1-11Venice International Film FestivalItaly
Sep 17-25San Sebastian International Film FestivalSpain
Oct 30-Nov 8Tokyo International Film FestivalJapan

2020 Film Festivals

2020Film Festivals & AwardsCountry
Jan 2-13Palm Springs International ShortFestUSA
Jan 23-Feb 2Sundance Film FestivalUSA
Jan 25Premios GoyaSpain
Feb 20-27European Film Market (EFM)Germany
Feb 20-Mar 1Berlinale – Berlin International Film FestivalGermany
May 12-23Cannes Film Festival / Festival de CannesFrance
May 29-Jun 7Brooklyn International Film FestivalUSA
Jun 10-21Sydney Film FestivalAustralia
Jun 17-28Edinburgh International Film FestivalUK
Sep 2-12Venice International Film FestivalItaly
Sep 18-26San Sebastian International Film FestivalSpain
Oct 1-8Moscow International Film FestivalRussia
Oct 7-18BFI London Film FestivalUK
Oct 15-22AFI FestUSA
Oct 31-Nov 9Tokyo International Film FestivalJapan
European Film AwardsSpain

2019 Film Festivals

2019Film Festivals & AwardsCountry
Jan 3-14Palm Springs International ShortFestUSA
Jan 24-Feb 3Sundance Film FestivalUSA
Feb 2Premios GoyaSpain
Feb 7-15European Film Market (EFM)Germany
Feb 7-17Berlinale – Berlin International Film FestivalGermany
Mar 18-Apr 4Hong Kong International Film FestivalChina
Apr 18-25Moscow International Film FestivalRussia
May 14-25Cannes Film Festival / Festival de CannesFrance
May 31-Jun 9Brooklyn International Film FestivalUSA
Jun 5-16Sydney Film FestivalAustralia
Jun 19-30Edinburgh International Film FestivalUK
Aug 28-Sep 7Venice International Film FestivalItaly
Sep 20-28San Sebastian International Film FestivalSpain
Oct 2-13BFI London Film FestivalUK
Oct 28-Nov 5Tokyo International Film FestivalJapan
Nov 14-21AFI FestUSA
Dec 7European Film AwardsSpain

The European Film Awards – over the years

European Film Academy unequivocally condemns war and joins Ukrainian Film Academy in boycott of Russian films
The European Film Academy has joined the massive global sanctions currently in effect against Russia and fully supports the call of the Ukrainian Film Academy to boycott Russian film as expressed: more

The Academy strongly condemns the war started by Russia – Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory must be respected. Putin’s actions are atrocious and totally unacceptable, and we strongly condemn them.

What concerns us most is the fate of the Ukrainians, and our hearts are with the Ukrainian filmmaking community. We are fully aware that several of our members are fighting with arms against the aggressor. The Academy will therefore exclude Russian films from this year’s European Film Awards and we lend our support to each element of the boycott.

The European Film Academy remains a place to support and unite all filmmakers who share our belief in human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights. We acknowledge and appreciate those brave filmmakers in Russia who stand up against this war. But in view of a brutal and unjustified attack, we have to stand with our sisters and brothers in Ukraine whose lives are at risk.

Moscow International Film Festival
We are receiving a lot of requests from filmmakers, the long standing friends and partners of the Moscow International Film Festival from all over the world. They are asking to postpone the Festival’s dates, which in this year are planned for April. Considering the current situation, many of them are unable to visit Moscow, nor have they got a possibility to send their films (especially when such films exist on 35 mm or a hard drive only), and in certain cases – to receive their producers’ confirmation to submit their films to the Festival. Appreciating their concern we hereby announce that the dates of the Moscow International Film Festival are postponed until the second half of 2022. The exact dates will be announced later. We express our gratitude to all filmmakers who have already confirmed their participation in the Festival, and hope to see all of you in Moscow later this year, presenting you new works.