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Ambiente 2024

2024 Design Trade Shows

2024Design Trade ShowCountry
Jan 9-12CESUSA
Jan 16-18Light Middle EastUAE
Jan 18-22Maison&ObjetFrance
Jan 26-30AmbienteGermany
Jan 26-30ChristmasworldGermany
Jan 27-30CreativeworldGermany
Mar 5-7FuturebuildUK
Mar 15-16Architect@Work BarcelonaSpain
Mar 20-21Architect@Work LondonUK
Mar 21-24Design ShenzhenChina
Apr 10-11Luxe Pack ShanghaiChina
Apr 13-17High Point MarketUSA
Apr 16-18Design&DecorRussia
Apr 16-21Salone del MobileItaly
May 9-12KeramikaIndonesia
May 19-21ICFFUSA
May 29-30Architect@Work BrusselsBelgium
Jun 12-14Interior Lifestyle TokyoJapan
Jun 19-22Design ShanghaiChina
Aug 27-29FormexSweden
Sep 5-9Maison&ObjetFrance
Sep 11-14IntergiftSpain
Nov 12-14Gifts & Lifestyle Middle EastUAE


2023Design Trade ShowCountry
Jan 17-20FormexSweden
Jan 19-23Maison&ObjetFrance
Feb 1-5IntergiftSpain
Feb 3-7AmbienteGermany
Feb 3-7ChristmasworldGermany
Feb 4-7CreativeworldGermany
Feb 23-26KeramikaIndonesia
Mar 7-9FuturebuildUK
Mar 9-11Philippine International Furniture ShowPhilippines
Mar 15-16Architect@Work BarcelonaSpain
Mar 22-23Architect@Work LondonUK
Apr 11-13Design&Decor St. PetersburgRussia
Apr 12-13Luxe Pack ShanghaiChina
Apr 18-23Salone del MobileItaly
Apr 22-26High Point MarketUSA
May 11-12Architect@Work KortrijkBelgium
May 21-23ICFFUSA
Jun 8-11Design ShanghaiChina
Jun 14-16Interior Lifestyle TokyoJapan
Aug 22-25FormexSweden
Sep 7-11Maison&ObjetFrance
Sep 13-17IntergiftSpain
Nov 21-23Gifts & Lifestyle Middle EastUAE


2022Design Trade ShowCountry
Jan 18-21FormexSweden
Jan 21-25Maison&ObjetFrance
Jan 28-Feb 1ChristmasworldGermany
Jan 29-Feb 1CreativeworldGermany
Feb 2-6IntergiftSpain
Feb 10-12Interiors Australia / DENFAIRAustralia
Feb 11-15AmbienteGermany
Mar 1-3FuturebuildUK
Mar 17-20KeramikaIndonesia
Apr 2-6High Point MarketUSA
Apr 7-12Salone del MobileItaly
Apr 14-15Luxe Pack ShanghaiChina
Apr 19-21Design&Décor St PetersburgRussia
May 15-17ICFFUSA
Jun 1-3Interior Lifestyle TokyoJapan
Jun 9-12Design ShanghaiChina
Jun 14-16Aircraft Interiors ExpoGermany
Jul 6-9MIFFMalaysia
Aug 22-23Luxe Pack ShanghaiChina
Aug 23-26FormexSweden
Sep 8-12Maison&ObjetFrance
Sep 14-18IntergiftSpain
Sep 18-22M.O.W.Germany
Sep 21-23Sustainable Design China - SummitChina
Sep 21-24Design LondonUK
Oct 20-22Design Show AustraliaAustralia
Oct 20-24Biënnale InterieurBelgium
Oct 22-26High Point MarketUSA
Nov 2-5Hi Design AsiaPhilippines
Nov 6-9Brussels Furniture FairBelgium
Nov 15-18FormnextGermany
Nov 23-24Architect@Work OsloNorway
Nov 24-25Architect@Work NantesFrance
Nov 30-Dec 1Architect@Work MadridSpain
Dec 1-4Design ShenzhenChina
Dec 7-8Architect@Work FrankfurtGermany

Design Shenzhen

Featuring everything you’ve come to expect from the creators of Design Shanghai, Design Shenzhen will be a razor-sharp bespoke event – contemporary, modern and driven by design – distilled into a concentrated combination of architecture, design and style, and carefully tailored to suit the needs of the local market. Design Shenzhen will provide the opportunity to do business face to face, for which there is no substitute. With over 150 world-class brands and installations, it will be the largest curated event of its kind ever seen in Shenzhen.

❤️ The future is in the East

2021Design Trade ShowCountry
Jan 19-22FormexSweden
Jan 22-26Maison&ObjetFrance
Jan 29-Feb 2ChristmasworldGermany
Feb 19-23AmbienteGermany
Apr 13-18Salone del Mobile.MilanoItaly
Jul 7-8Luxe Pack ShanghaiChina
Sep 5-10SupersaloneItaly
Sep 7-12IAA CarsGermany
Sep 9-13Maison&ObjetFrance
Sep 14-16Aircraft Interiors ExpoGermany
Sep 15-19IntergiftSpain
Sep 22-25Design LondonUK
Oct 14-16Interiors AustraliaAustralia
Oct 14-16DENFAIRAustralia
Oct 15-Nov 14Please Have A SeatBelgium
Oct 16-20High Point MarketUSA
Oct 21-25Biennale INTERIEURBelgium
Nov 7-10Brussels Furniture FairBelgium
Nov 14-15ICFFUSA
Dec 9-12Design ShenzhenChina

2020Design Trade ShowCountry
Jan 7-10CESUSA
Jan 14-17FormexSweden
Jan 17–21Maison&ObjetFrance
Jan 24-28ChristmasworldGermany
Feb 5-9IntergiftSpain
Feb 7-11AmbienteGermany
Mar 3-5FuturebuildUK
Mar 6-9MIFFMalaysia
Mar 12-15Design ShanghaiChina
Mar 19-22KeramikaIndonesia
Mar 19-22Decorex DurbanSouth Africa
Mar 31-Apr 2Aircraft Interiors ExpoGermany
Apr 8-9Luxe Pack ShanghaiChina
Apr 16-18Design&Décor St PetersburgRussia
Apr 25-29High Point MarketUSA
Apr 30-May 3Decorex Cape TownSouth Africa
May 17-20ICFFUSA
Jun 3-5Interior Lifestyle TokyoJapan
Jun 27-30TendenceGermany
Aug 6-10Decorex JoburgSouth Africa
Aug 17-22FormexSweden
Sep 4–8Maison&ObjetFrance
Sep 9-12Furniture ChinaChina
Sep 16-20IntergiftSpain
Sep 20-24M.O.WGermany
Sep 23-27Design China BeijingChina
Lisboa Design ShowPortugal
Oct 13-21High Point MarketUSA
Oct 15-17Manila FAMEPhilippines
Oct 23-25Furniture & Design IsleLatvia
Oct 28-30IFFT/Interior Lifestyle LivingJapan
Nov 3-5DecorexUK
Nov 4-6Hi Design AsiaPhilippines
Nov 8-11Brussels Furniture FairBelgium

2019Design Trade ShowCountry
Jan 8-11CESUSA
Jan 15-18FormexSweden
Jan 18-22Maison&ObjetFrance
Jan 25-29ChristmasworldGermany
Feb 6-10IntergiftSpain
Feb 8-12AmbienteGermany
Mar 5-7FuturebuildUK
Mar 6-9Design ShanghaiChina
Mar 8-11MIFFMalaysia
Mar 14-17KeramikaIndonesia
Mar 21-24Decorex DurbanSouth Africa
Apr 2-4Aircraft Interiors ExpoGermany
Apr 10-11Luxe Pack ShanghaiChina
Apr 18-20Design&Décor St PetersburgRussia
May 1-5Decorex Cape TownSouth Africa
May 19-22ICFFUSA
May 31-Jun 3Natal ShowBrazil
Jun 29-Jul 2TendenceGermany
Jul 17-19Interior Lifestyle TokyoJapan
Jul 25-27LuxeHome ShanghaiChina
Aug 7-11Decorex JoburgSouth Africa
Aug 31-Sep 1RaumtexGermany
Sep 6-10Maison&ObjetFrance
Sep 9-12Furniture ChinaChina
Sep 11-15IntergiftSpain
Sep 12-16Design China BeijingChina
Sep 12-22IAA CarsGermany
Sep 15-19M.O.WGermany
Sep 18-21100% DesignUK
Sep 19-22London Design FairUK
Oct 6-9 Decorex InternationalUK
Oct 9-12Salone del Mobile.Milano MoscowRussia
Oct 9-13Lisboa Design ShowPortugal
Oct 17-19Manila FAMEPhilippines
Oct 18-20Baltic FurnitureLatvia
Oct 19-23High Point MarketUSA
Oct 22-26Biennale InterieurBelgium
Oct 23-24OrgatecGermany
Oct 30- Nov 1Hi Design AsiaIndonesia
Nov 3-6Brussels Furniture FairBelgium
Nov 10-11BDNYUSA
Nov 12-15Downtown DesignUAE
Nov 20-22IFFT Interior Lifestyle LivingJapan
Nov 20-22Salone del Mobile.Milano ShanghaiChina

Trends at Design Trade Shows

Design trade shows are events that bring together professionals and enthusiasts from the design industry to showcase, explore, and discuss the latest trends, products, and innovations. These exhibitions serve as platforms for designers, manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders to connect, exchange ideas, and stay abreast of developments in the design world. Here are key aspects and characteristics of design trade shows:

Showcasing Innovation – Design trade shows are a stage for unveiling innovative designs, products, and technologies. Exhibitors use these events to present their latest creations, whether in furniture, interior design, lighting, textiles, or other design-related fields.

Networking Opportunities – One of the primary purposes of design trade shows is to facilitate networking among professionals in the industry. Designers, manufacturers, retailers, and buyers converge at these events, providing opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and business relationships.

Market Trends and Insights – Attendees gain valuable insights into current and future market trends. Design trade shows often feature curated exhibits and presentations that highlight emerging styles, materials, and design philosophies, helping industry professionals stay ahead of the curve.

Business Transactions – Design trade shows serve as a marketplace for conducting business transactions. Exhibitors can secure orders, negotiate deals, and establish distribution channels with retailers and buyers looking for fresh and unique design offerings.

Educational Programs – Many design trade shows include seminars, workshops, and panel discussions featuring industry experts. These educational components provide a platform for sharing knowledge, discussing design methodologies, and addressing relevant challenges and opportunities.

International Presence – Major design trade shows often have an international focus, attracting participants and attendees from around the globe. This global presence contributes to the exchange of diverse design perspectives and fosters a more interconnected and dynamic design community.

Platform for Emerging Talent – Design trade shows frequently feature sections or events dedicated to emerging designers and startups. This provides a platform for newcomers to showcase their work, gain exposure, and connect with industry professionals who can help launch their careers.

Interactive Exhibits – Beyond static displays, many design trade shows incorporate interactive exhibits and installations. This hands-on approach allows attendees to experience designs in a more immersive way, fostering engagement and a deeper appreciation for the showcased creations.

Examples of well-known design trade shows include Ambiente in Frankfurt, Maison&Objet in Paris, Milan Design Week in Italy, High Point Market in the United States, and London Design Festival in the UK. These events play a crucial role in shaping design trends, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the evolution of the design industry.