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TEFAF Maastricht

2024 Art Fairs

2024Art FairsCountry
Jan 28-Feb 4Brafa Art FairBelgium
Feb 2-4Arte FieraItaly
Feb 22-25art KARLSRUHEGermany
Mar 1-3Art DubaiUAE
Mar 3-10ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 9-14TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Mar 27-Apr 1KunstRAINetherlands
Apr 4-7Art ParisFrance
Apr 25-28Art BrusselsBelgium
Apr 25-28SupermarketSweden
May 10-14TEFAF New YorkUSA
Jun 10-16Photo BaselSwitzerland
Jun 28-Jul 5London Art WeekUK
Aug 29-Sep 1CHARTDenmark
Sep 12-15POSITIONS Berlin Art FairGermany
Sep 25-29ArtRioBrazil
Oct 4-6ArtVilnius’24Lithuania
Oct 25-28Art TaipeiTaiwan
Nov 23-Dec 1FeriarteSpain
Nov 24-Dec 1PAN AmsterdamNetherlands
Dec 3-8Art MiamiUSA
Dec 3-8SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 6-8Art Basel in Miami BeachUSA


2023Art FairsCountry
Jan 28-Feb 4Brafa Art FairBelgium
Feb 3-5Arte FieraItaly
Feb 22-26ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 3-5Art DubaiUAE
Mar 11-19TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Mar 30-Apr 2Art ParisFrance
Apr 20-23Art BrusselsBelgium
May 3-7KunstRAINetherlands
May 4-7art KARLSRUHEGermany
May 5-7Art SoloTaiwan
May 11-14SupermarketSweden
May 12-16TEFAF New YorkUSA
Jun 13-18Photo BaselSwitzerland
Jun 30-Jul 7London Art WeekUK
Aug 10-13Art Market HamptonsUSA
Aug 24-27CHARTDenmark
Sep 13-17ArtRioBrazil
Sep 14-17POSITIONS Berlin Art FairGermany
Oct 13-15ArtVilnius’23Lithuania
Oct 20-23Art TaipeiTaiwan
Nov 11-19FeriarteSpain
Nov 16-19Art CologneGermany
Nov 19-26PAN AmsterdamNetherlands
Dec 5-10Art MiamiUSA
Dec 5-10SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 8-10Art Basel in Miami BeachUSA


2022Art FairsCountry
Jan 21-23Arte FieraItaly
Jan 23-30Brafa Art FairBelgium
Feb 10-13Art RotterdamNetherlands
Feb 23-27ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 10-12Art DubaiUAE
Mar 24-26Art Basel in Hong KongChina
Apr 7-10Art Paris Art FairFrance
Apr 13-18KunstRAINetherlands
Apr 23-27Venice BiennaleItaly
Apr 28-May 1Art BrusselsBelgium
May 6-10TEFAF New York SpringUSA
May 11-Jul 10Art Safari BucharestRomania
May 18-22Frieze New YorkUSA
May 18-22VOLTA New YorkUSA
May 19-22Art RotterdamNetherlands
May 26-29SupermarketSweden
Jun 13-19VOLTA BaselSwitzerland
Jun 14-19Photo BaselSwitzerland
Jun 16-19Art BaselSwitzerland
Jun 23-Jul 3Kensington + Chelsea Art WeekUK
Jun 25-30TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Jun 30-Jul 6Masterpiece LondonUK
Jul 3-8London Art WeekUK
Jul 15-17Art TaichungTaiwan
Aug 11-14Art Market HamptonsUSA
Aug 25-28 CHARTDenmark
Sep 14-18ArtRioBrazil
Oct 20-23Paris+ par Art BaselFrance
Oct 21-24Art TaipeiTaiwan
Nov 2-6Chelsea Antiques & Fine Art FairUK
Nov 3-6ArtissimaItaly
Nov 10-13ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art FairChina
Nov 10-13West Bund Art & DesignChina
Nov 12-20FeriarteSpain
Nov 14-21PAN AmsterdamNetherlands
Nov 29-Dec 4SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Nov 29-Dec 4Art MiamiUSA
Dec 1-3Art Basel in Miami BeachUSA

Artsy Art Industry Trends 2023

Discover the 5 key Art Industry Trends
For 59% of respondents, non-figurative paintings (which includes abstract painting, as well as associated genres such as minimalist painting, spiritual abstraction, and neo–abstract expressionism) were selected as most important to their business now. In contrast, 45% of galleries ranked figurative painting highest.
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Art Industry

Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; this introduction focuses primarily on the visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media.

Architecture is often included as one of the visual arts; however, like the decorative arts, it involves the creation of objects where the practical considerations of use are essential—in a way that they usually are not in a painting, for example. Music, theatre, film, dance, and other performing arts, as well as literature and other media such as interactive media, are included in a broader definition of art or the arts.

Until the 17th century, art referred to any skill or mastery and was not differentiated from crafts or sciences. In modern usage after the 17th century, where aesthetic considerations are paramount, the fine arts are separated and distinguished from acquired skills in general, such as the decorative or applied arts.

Art may be characterized in terms of mimesis (its representation of reality), expression, communication of emotion, or other qualities. During the Romantic period, art came to be seen as “a special faculty of the human mind to be classified with religion and science”. Though the definition of what constitutes art is disputed and has changed over time, general descriptions mention an idea of imaginative or technical skill stemming from human agency and creation.

The nature of art, and related concepts such as creativity and interpretation, are explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics.

The Bouvier Affair

How an artworld insider made a fortune by being discreet
The Geneva Freeport, which may be the world’s most valuable storage facility, consists of seven beige warehouses and a large grain silo in La Praille, an industrial zone a short tram ride from the city’s lakeside panorama of banks and expensive hotels. One recent morning, rain was falling on the chain-link fence that runs through the property, and snow was visible on the mountains to the south. Iris scanners, magnetic locks, and a security system known as Cerberus guard the freeport’s storerooms, whose contents are said to be insured for a hundred billion dollars, but the facility retains a blue-collar feel. There were signs to the showers. Men stood around in aprons and smoked. Everything about the place tells you to look the other way.

2021Art FairsCountry
Jan 24-31Brafa Art FairBelgium
Jan 22-24Arte FieraItaly
Feb 4-7Art RotterdamNetherlands
Feb 24-28ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 25-27Art Basel Hong KongChina
Mar 17-20Art DubaiUAE
Apr 22-25Art BrusselsBelgium
May 31-Jun 6TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Jun 15-20Photo BaselSwitzerland
Jun 24-30Masterpiece LondonUK
Jun 24-Jul 4Kensington + Chelsea Art WeekUK
Jul 1-4Art RotterdamNetherlands
Jul 2-5Market Art & DesignUSA
Jul 2-16London Art WeekUK
Jul 7-11ARCOmadridSpain
Aug 26-29CHARTDenmark
Sep 8-12ArtRioBrazil
Sep 8-12KunstRAINetherlands
Sep 9-12Art ParisFrance
Sep 16-19Beirut Art FairLebanon
Sep 20-26VOLTA BaselSwitzerland
Sep 21-26Photo BaselSwitzerland
Sep 21-26The Chelsea Antiques FairUK
Sep 24-26Art BaselSwitzerland
Oct 21-24FIACFrance
Oct 22-25Art TaipeiTaiwan
Nov 5-7ArtissimaItaly
Nov 13-21FeriarteSpain
Nov 14-21PAN AmsterdamNetherlands
Nov 30-Dec 5Art MiamiUSA
Nov 30-Dec 5SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 2-4Art Basel in Miami BeachUSA

2020Art FairsCountry
Jan 9-12Mayfair Antiques & Fine Art FairUK
Jan 26-Feb 2Brafa Art FairBelgium
Jan 24-26Arte FieraItaly
Feb 6-9Art RotterdamNetherlands
Feb 26-Mar 1ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 5-8SCOPE New YorkUSA
Mar 6-8Wilton House Antiques FairUK
Mar 7-15TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Mar 19-21Art Basel Hong KongChina
Mar 25-28Art DubaiUAE
Apr 23-26Art BrusselsBelgium
May 7-10Frieze New YorkUSA
May 8-12TEFAF New York SpringUSA
Jun 25-Jul 1Masterpiece LondonUK
Jul 2-5Market Art & DesignUSA
Aug 8-16Art Nocturne KnockeBelgium
Aug 28-30CHARTDenmark
Sep 9-13ArtRioBrazil
Sep 10-13Photo Basel/BerlinGermany
Sep 10-13Art Paris Art FairFrance
Sep 11-20Art Safari BucharestRomania
Sep 11-13CosmoscowRussia
Oct 1-15Swab Barcelona Art FairSpain
Oct 2-4Art VilniusLithuania
Oct 8-11Frieze LondonUK
Oct 15-18KunstRAINetherlands
Oct 22-25FIACFrance
Oct 23-26Art TaipeiChina
Oct 29-Nov 1JWA 2020Singapore
Nov 3-8The Winter Art & Antiques FairUK
Nov 6-8ArtissimaItaly
Nov 14-22FeriarteSpain
Nov 17-19LOOP BarcelonaSpain
Nov 18-22Cologne Fine ArtGermany
Nov 19-22Shanghai Art FairChina
Dec 1-6VOLTA MiamiUSA
Dec 1-6SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 3-6Art Basel Miami BeachUSA

2019Art FairsCountry
Jan 26-Feb 3Brafa Art FairBelgium
Feb 1-4Arte FieraItaly
Feb 7-10Art RotterdamNetherlands
Feb 27-Mar 3ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 14-20BADA Antiques & Fine Art FairUK
Mar 16-24TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Mar 19-23Art DubaiUAE
Mar 29-31Art Basel Hong KongChina
Apr 4-7Art Paris Art FairFrance
Apr 17-22KunstRAINetherlands
Apr 25-28Art BrusselsBelgium
May 1-5Frieze New YorkUSA
May 3-7TEFAF New York SpringUSA
May 11-24ArteBAArgentina
May 11-Nov 24Venice BiennaleItaly
May 30-Jun 2Art VilniusLithuania
Jun 10-15VOLTA BaselSwitzerland
Jun 11-16Photo BaselSwitzerland
Jun 13-16Art BaselSwitzerland
Jun 27-Jul 3Masterpiece LondonUK
Jul 5-7Market Art + Design | HamptonsUSA
Aug 10-18Art Nocturne KnockeBelgium
Aug 30-31Amsterdam Art FairNetherlands
Aug 30-Sep 1Chart Art FairDenmark
Sep 6-8CosmoscowRussia
Sep 18-22ArtRioBrazil
Sep 26-29Swab Barcelona Art FairSpain
Sep 27–Oct 20Art Safari BucharestRomania
Oct 3-6Frieze LondonUK
Oct 17-20FIACFrance
Oct 18-21Art TaipeiChina
Sep 20-22Friends with Books: Art Book Fair BerlinGermany
Nov 1-3ArtissimaItaly
Nov 1-5TEFAF New York FallUSA
Nov 7-10Shanghai Art FairChina
Nov 19-21LOOP BarcelonaSpain
Nov 16-24FeriarteSpain
Nov 21-24Cologne Fine ArtGermany
Nov 24-Dec 1PAN AmsterdamNetherlands
Dec 3-8SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 5-8PULSE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 5-8Art Basel Miami BeachUSA