Art Fairs / Contemporary, Fine Art & Antiques Fairs

2019 Art Fairs

2019Art FairsCountry
Jan 26-Feb 3BRAFA—Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts FairBelgium
Feb 1-4Arte FieraItaly
Feb 7-10Art RotterdamNetherlands
Feb 27-Mar 3ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 14-20BADA Antiques & Fine Art FairUK
Mar 16-24TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Mar 19-23Art DubaiUAE
Mar 29-31Art Basel Hong KongChina
Apr 4-7Art Paris Art FairFrance
Apr 17-22KunstRAINetherlands
Apr 25-28Art BrusselsBelgium
May 1-5Frieze New YorkUSA
May 3-7TEFAF New York SpringUSA
May 11-24ArteBAArgentina
May 11-Nov 24Venice BiennaleItaly
May 30-Jun 2Art VilniusLithuania
Jun 10-15VOLTA BaselSwitzerland
Jun 11-16Photo BaselSwitzerland
Jun 13-16Art BaselSwitzerland
Jun 27-Jul 3Masterpiece LondonUK
Jul 5-7Market Art + Design | HamptonsUSA
Aug 10-18Art Nocturne KnockeBelgium
Aug 30-31Amsterdam Art FairNetherlands
Aug 30-Sep 1Chart Art FairDenmark
Sep 6-8CosmoscowRussia
Sep 18-22ArtRioBrazil
Sep 26-29Swab Barcelona Art FairSpain
Sep 27–Oct 20Art Safari BucharestRomania
Oct 3-6Frieze LondonUK
Oct 17-20FIACFrance
Oct 18-21Art TaipeiChina
Sep 20-22Friends with Books: Art Book Fair BerlinGermany
Nov 1-3ArtissimaItaly
Nov 1-5TEFAF New York FallUSA
Nov 7-10Shanghai Art FairChina
Nov 19-21LOOP BarcelonaSpain
Nov 16-24FeriarteSpain
Nov 21-24Cologne Fine ArtGermany
Nov 24-Dec 1PAN AmsterdamNetherlands
Dec 3-8SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 5-8PULSE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 5-8Art Basel Miami BeachUSA

2018 Art Fairs

2018Art FairsCountry
Jan 27-Feb 4BRAFA—Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts FairBelgium
Feb 2-5Arte FieraItaly
Feb 7-11Rotterdam Contemporary Art FairNetherlands
Feb 8-11Art RotterdamNetherlands
Feb 21-25ARCOmadridSpain
Mar 10-18TEFAF MaastrichtNetherlands
Mar 14-20BADA Antiques & Fine Art FairUK
Mar 21-24Art DubaiUAE
Mar 29-31Art Basel Hong KongChina
Apr 4-8KunstRAINetherlands
Apr 5-8Art Paris Art FairFrance
Apr 19-22Art BrusselsBelgium
May 3-6Frieze New YorkUSA
May 4-8TEFAF New York SpringUSA
May 11–20Art Safari BucharestRomania
May 11-Nov 24Venice BiennaleItaly
May 18-21Amsterdam Art FairNetherlands
May 24-27ArteBAArgentina
Jun 7-10Art VilniusLithuania
Jun 11-16VOLTA BaselSwitzerland
Jun 12-17Photo BaselSwitzerland
Jun 14-17Art BaselSwitzerland
Jun 28-Jul 4Masterpiece LondonUK
Jul 5-8Market Art + Design | HamptonsUSA
Aug 11-15Art Nocturne KnockeBelgium
Aug 31-Sep 2Chart Art FairDenmark
Sep 7-9CosmoscowRussia
Sep 27-30ArtRioBrazil
Sep 27-30Swab Barcelona Art FairSpain
Oct 4-7Frieze LondonUK
Oct 18-21FIACFrance
Oct 19-21Friends with Books: Art Book Fair BerlinGermany
Oct 26-29Art TaipeiChina
Oct 27-31TEFAF New York FallUSA
Nov 2-4ArtissimaItaly
Nov 8-11Shanghai Art FairChina
Nov 15-17LOOP BarcelonaSpain
Nov 17-25FeriarteSpain
Nov 18-25PAN AmsterdamNetherlands
Nov 22-25Cologne Fine ArtGermany
Dec 4-9SCOPE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 6-9PULSE Miami BeachUSA
Dec 6-9Art Basel Miami BeachUSA

The Bouvier Affair

How an artworld insider made a fortune by being discreet
The Geneva Freeport, which may be the world’s most valuable storage facility, consists of seven beige warehouses and a large grain silo in La Praille, an industrial zone a short tram ride from the city’s lakeside panorama of banks and expensive hotels. One recent morning, rain was falling on the chain-link fence that runs through the property, and snow was visible on the mountains to the south. Iris scanners, magnetic locks, and a security system known as Cerberus guard the freeport’s storerooms, whose contents are said to be insured for a hundred billion dollars, but the facility retains a blue-collar feel. There were signs to the showers. Men stood around in aprons and smoked. Everything about the place tells you to look the other way.
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