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Texworld Paris Textiles Trends 2020/2021

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Textiles Trends 2020/2021

Re-enchanted. We are re-enchanted. No more cynicism and despair trends. We were laughed at, arguing that utopia was the prerogative of the candid. But utopia is the weapon of creators. A long time ago, humanity was enchanted by its own possibilities. Its intelligence. And then she was disillusioned. But hope is reborn. And it is not artificial. It is not that of the child discovering its strength. It is that of the adult aware of his destructive power.
We are re-enchanted because we have decided to believe in ourselves again. We forgive ourselves. We silence the birds of bad omens.
Those who do nothing only talk about the facts. Those who act sing their faith. And the greater the action, the crazier the act of faith seems. And yes, we are crazy. Totally crazy to believe in tomorrow. Crazy to still want to build, live, love. So crazy, they’d say we were straight out of a fairy tale. Bewitched by the enchantment of a few spells. And we are owning it.
For forty years, we have been encouraged to be content. We are being asked to be patient. We are being begged to accept. But it’s over now. In this play, the audience suffered from the story, while a handful of actors ruled the world according to their interests.
We invade the stage. We steal the script.
We take our pen to write a new script. And this one starts with: “Once upon a time… ”

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Texworld Paris Textiles Trends 2020/2021