Texworld Paris 2016

Texworld Paris 2016

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Texworld Paris, February 2016: a business rendezvous which continues to flower with a distinct offering, thanks to a new concept

A range of fabrics which continues to expand with highly-diversified offers

The forthcoming Texworld Paris event, a trade fair exclusively for professionals from the fashion industry and organised by Messe Frankfurt France, will take place at Paris Le Bourget from 15-18 February 2016.
With a year-on-year increase in registrations which is more than just positive, the international fashion trade fair, centred on fabrics, sundries and accessories, will occupy two halls, which is a first for the February date.
Texworld Paris continues to stake its claim as THE most valuable and efficient gateway to the European market for a large number of international manufacturers, which is what makes it highly attractive to both exhibitors and visitors, who come to experience new, previously unseen solutions.
On this occasion, the basis of the trade fair will be much more visible in terms of its conception. The offer will be clearer, better proportioned, and be divided into more distinct sections.

The Linen & Hemp, Shirting, Drapery & Tailoring, Woollen Material, Denim, Casual Cotton, Casual Knit, Silk, Silky Aspects, Jacquard, Prints, Sophisticated Cotton, Sophisticated Knit Embroidery Lace, Fake Fur, Fleather, Functional Fabrics, Fiber, and Trims & Accessories sections will thus bring suppliers formerly scattered throughout the fair together under one banner, highlighted by dedicated signage.

“The move upmarket noticed by all the visitors to recent events is taking on its full scale by division into distinct sections, now in two halls, to the benefit of visitors and exhibitors alike, and by a powerful synergy, brought about by the division of the sectors hosted at Texworld Paris”, commented Michael Scherpe, CEO of Messe Frankfurt France.

At this event, Texworld Paris will again be seen to shed a powerful light on the world textile industry aimed at the European market, thanks to its policy of identifying new businesses and skills.

It’s happening at Texworld Paris and nowhere else!

What is on offer at Texworld Paris cannot be found anywhere else in Europe and covers every aspect of fashion, revolving around an international display of fabrics, accessories and sundries. Globally, it combines a wide variety of skills and accessible solutions for ready-to-wear to form the first plank of collections, but also more distinct or inventive classifications. In other respects, youth and independent brands are not missing out either and are appearing in greater and greater numbers to complete the small volume trail, which is a special feature of the trade fair.

Texworld Paris

Texworld Paris 2016