Stockholm International Fashion Fair (STOIFF) 2022

Stockholm International Fashion Fair (STOIFF) 2022

In Fashion by Europa Regina

STOIFF 2022 is back this year for a magical and unique event

Date: 5th, March 2022
Time: 15.00
Venue: Grand Hôtel Stockholm, Sweden

Let’s discover the world through fashion in the most prestigious hotel in Stockholm where the first Nobel Banquet was held in 1901, Spegelsallen Grand Hotel Stockholm. This year we will pay tribute to Women From all over the World by celebrating “International Women’s Day”.

STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL FASHION FAIR 2022 is a unique concept being a fashion show and exhibition which aims to explore cultures through fashion and bring forward creativity, self-expression, and ingenuity.

Through this event, we wish to transmit the values of sustainable development, women’s empowerment, diversity and multiculturalism. We believe that sustainable fashion should be applied in Sweden, but also worldwide.

Stockholm International Fashion Fair