World Fashion Organization

World Fashion OrganizationWorld Fashion Organization® (WFO®) is known as the world’s largest, not-for profit, apolitical and private fashion entity serving World Fashion Association® (WFA®), World Fashion Network®, World Fashion Week® and many other world fashion-related entities, projects and events around the globe under the motto of “World Fashion Allⓒ (WFA®), Mode of Lifeⓒ”. World Fashion Organization® is primarily incorporating the fashion industry into the international fair and free trade system in services of technology, financing, development, merchandising, logistics, education, networking, forum and many other infrastructures for this purpose.

WFO® has been founded in partnership with the ITO®, International Trade Organization®/EXIM® (, the world’s largest network of international trade, dating historically back to 1947.

World Fashion Development & Management®

World Fashion Development & Management® was founded over 10 years ago to develop next generation of large, multi-use real estate development complexes that not only bring the best of what the world has to offer in design, technology and infrastructure, but also bring together a strategic group of global companies and organizations to work together and grow together.

WFDM®’s model is to develop complexes that bring together strategic global group of companies and organizations that are invaluable to the growth of our host cities by leveraging our network and networks of our partners. Hence, an WFDM® complex not only provides one of the best places to live, but also provides an injection of economic vitality and functions as a growth engine for our host city. We do this by bringing the world’s leading organizations and ideas to our complex and bringing the best of our host city to the world.

As the authorized global exclusive developer of World Fashion City® and World Fashion Tower® by the World Fashion Organization® (, WFDM® is developing world class complexes that seamlessly integrate the benefits of global fashion industry with modern mega multi-use complexes that will serve as the destination of choice for the citizens of our host countries and global businesses and organizations alike.

World Fashion Organization