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Abicalçados – Brazilian Footwear Industry Association
Abicalçados (Brazilian Footwear Industries Association) operates as an advocate for the policies favored by the Brazilian shoe industry. It watches over the industry’s interests and acts directly on domestic and foreign issues pertaining to the industry’s activities.
The footwear manufacturers represented by Abicalçados are responsible for an annual production of 764 million pairs of shoes, 177 million of which were exported in 2007. Around 140 different countries import shoes from Brazil, generating an inward flow of US$ 1.911 billion in revenues. Currently, 300,000 people are employed directly by the footwear industry in Brazil.

Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (ABIT)
ABIT (The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association) represents the integration of the Brazilian textile chain. Founded on the early 1960’s, ABIT sponsors companies of every segment in the textile industry, including cotton growing, synthetic raw materials, textile fibers, spinning, weaving, knitwear, dyeing, printing and clothing.
ABIT’s mission is to support the sustainable development of the Brazilian textile industry, representing its interests in the presence of governmental and international organizations, as well as making the textile sector better known to the general public.

Brazilian Association of Artificial and Synthetic Fiber Producers / Associacao Brasileira de Produtores de Fibras Artificiais e Sinteticas (ABRAFAS)
The ABRAFAS – Brazilian Association of Producers of artificial and synthetic fibers, created November 7, 1968 as a representative of the entity manufactured fiber producers is a nonprofit corporation, which currently includes companies involved in production, processing and marketing of artificial and synthetic fiber, responsible for almost all of the total value of production of these fibers in the country. Even in its basic principles and objectives, the ABRAFAS sought to represent, coordinate and promote the interests of industries fibers produced by public and private, national and international, always trying to balance the interests of its members needs market.

Brazilian Clothing Association / Associacao Brasileira do Vestuario (ABRAVEST)
The Brazilian Clothing Association is the legitimate representative of the interests of the industry producing garments in nationally and internationally. Operating since 1982, headquartered in the state capital of São Paulo, brings together, through its board policy, about 63 Regional Employers’ Unions of the industry sector, covering about 22,112 firms distributed throughout the country. A represents Abravest the major force-generating jobs in the processing industry. Hand labor is directly employed 1,438,007 jobs, indirectly reaching a quota of 4.6 million people. Our industries in 2009 produced 6,680 billion pieces made with an annual turnover equivalent to U.S. $ 36,759 billion.

Texbrasil (The Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry Internationalization Program) was founded in 2000 by Abit in partnership with Apex-Brasil. It is an internationalization Program that helps Brazilian companies to grow in the market, ensuring they have a global presence. To do this, the Program dialogues with, provides information to and organizes trips for international buyers, the press and investors, giving them the chance to learn firsthand about the Brazilian fashion industry.


Institute for Export and Fashion / Instituto para la exportación de la moda (Inexmoda)
Inexmoda Institute is a research tool generator, marketing, innovation, training, internationalization and competitiveness of the textile – clothing – distribution channels and other sectors sensitive to design and fashion.