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Fashion project “Ready to rise” with an official Premiere

National Fashion Chamber of Serbia celebrated successes with reception in royal style

Fashion Academies are found in Hungary, Czech Republic, Malta, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

EFC Press / Nov 13, 2012
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU

Extremely successful for the Republic of Serbia has proved the present 2012 years with the official invitation of the country to join the European Union and its first achievements through the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia. The national project “Ready to rise” that the organization successfully implemented in partnership with the Province of Vojvodina was a final recognition and included in the Report of the European Union with the program and objectives of the European Fashion Council for world application in implementation of the Convention EU-UNESCO for protection and application of new forms of culture.

4 EFC member states – from the right Nadya VALEVA, Gabriella WALEK, Svetlana HORVAT, Amela RADANPremier President hallEFC President`s speach Nadya ValevaAuthentic Serbian clothing national style
  1. 4 EFC member states – from the right Nadya VALEVA, Gabriella WALEK, Svetlana HORVAT, Amela RADAN
  2. Premier President hall
  3. EFC President`s speach Nadya Valeva
  4. Authentic Serbian clothing national style

With Premiere in royal style in one of the most luxurious and prestigious places in Sremski Karlovitsi next to Novi Sad, in the halls of the 5 star hotel “Premier President“, the President of the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia Ms. Svetlana HORVAT gave an official receptionfor political, diplomatic and business elite with 120 selected most prominent guests to celebrate this and other successes of the organization. EFC was represented by four Member States through the President of EFC Ms. Nadya VALEVA (National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria), Vice President of EFC Mrs. Gabriela WALEK (National Fashion League Hungary), Mrs. Amela RADAN founder and member of the EFC (Sarajevo Fashion Week organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Serbia as a host.

We are proud to share with you on this achievement of Serbia as approved part of the EU with its highly developed and creative fashion industry“, said in her speech the President of EFC Nadya VALEVA. This project is of great importance for Europe and the world not only for its charity fund to support refugees. The project combines united presentation of fashion, music, fine art, food and beverage destination for cultural tourism in an elegant form of development of the most dynamic economic and cultural industries. „For EFC is honored Serbia to be a part of us for the future of the European Community” concluded Nadya VALEVA regarding Serbian success.

The gala evening of the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia presented the best performance with live musical events of a national folklore and modern music and presentation of the authentic Serbian clothing national style. Guests were delighted to seeand collections of fashion designers, including the Chairwoman of the organization itself, Mrs. Svetlana HORVAT. She also manager is well as one of the leading names of Serbian fashion industry. Her impressive collection “Balkan butterfly” sent a message of Serbia for happiness and European and global welfare by the guests and the media to the general public with the realization of international causes. One of these causes is publicity and development of the creativity not only of the artists from the Balkan countries in the EFC, but also exchange of experience and development programs in different European regions and NGO sector.

About the necessity of recognition of the non-formal education, the competencies acquired from it and the contributions of the instructors-trainers, the fashion gala evening was followed by a beneficial Workshop at the headquarters of the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia in Novi Sad. Attendees’ four countries discussed preparations for EFC and forthcoming from the beginning of the 2013th detect Fashion ACADEMY in Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Academies run even in Malta and the Czech Republic. Training and development of fashion in formal education is successful Latvian and Ukrainian practice, which in Bulgaria is the most widely developed as a National Program in 3 specialized Departments and 9 courses with short 60-hour schools: Department of Fashion Design of the specialties Fashion Design, Fashion Stylistics, Modeling and Construction; Media Department of Fashion Photography, Fashion PR, Fashion Journalism and Scene Department for Models and Photo models, Make-up and Hair Stylist. Immediately with the launch of the National Fashion Academies these member states, the EFC as institutional NGO will take appropriate steps for validation and recognition of non-formal education not only in fashion on the basis Resolution 9048/26.11.2011 of the EU Council and the adopted an European Qualifications Framework.

Especially for the Balkans, as host of this meeting, and after having opened a project to support the fashion industry in the North European countries to discuss emerging opportunities for development in the Balkans and the Danube region in accordance with the guidelines of the EU Danube Strategy. In this direction, EFC underway to implement the previously discussed conceptual regional projects: Balkan Fashion Week, Fashion Week Danube and European Design Festival, which is now actively preparing in Sarajevo in May 2013.

Of its kind, Fashion Academy and Fashion Week in Europe are international projects supporting the creative industries and promote exchange with third countries outside Europe. This activity is part of the implementation of the Convention EU-UNESCO for which the European Fashion Council is officially authorized to apply.

Photos: Albert Baruch and Svetozar Angelov for European Fashion Council by Association of Fashion Photographers of Bulgaria