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The Chairman of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek gave trust to the European Fashion Council

The Program “Fashion Europe” is also included in the Strategy “EU 2020”

EFC Press / December 30, 2009

With the most sincere excitement the union of the European non governmental organizations for fashion and fashion design from 13 countries declares 2009 as a year in which it received its first historical confession from the highest level.

„ We are writing European history together ” is the message that the Chairman of the European Parliament Jerzy BUZEK sent with his election to the position and later he expressed his confidence in the European Fashion Council by a letter addressed to the Chairwoman Nadya VALEVA.

„ It is excellent to know that I can count on your cooperation in the great work which lies ahead.” is the revelation of Mr. BUZEK, directed to the European Designers Community in the eve of Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

The confession predetermines a powerful beginning for the European Fashion Council, with its Program devised to be the new Ambassador of Europe through the power of the fashion, beauty and style. The Program is created also to develop an innovative cultural-economic prosperity. The European fashion Institution is going to reply to the Mr. BUZEK’s confession in the most elegant an expedient way.

The most significant evidences for the European Fashion Council’s reputation is the contact with the Vice-President of the EU Parliament Mrs. Silvana KOCH-MEHRIN/Germany/ and the words „ That would be really great! ” as well as the numerous supporting letters with Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Development Mr. Nirj Deva/UK/, from Mr Louis Michel-A Minister of States and Mr. Marc Tarabella/Belgium/, Geringer de Oedenberg и Paweł Kowal/ Poland/, Krisztina Morvai/Hungary/, Iliana Ivanova and Slavi Binev/Bulgaria/, Cecilia Wikström/ Sweden/, Monika Flašíková-Beňová/Slovakia/, Rosa Estaras Ferragut, Veronica Lope Fontagné and Pablo Zalba Bidegain/Spain/, Niki Tzavela/Greece/ and many others addressed to Mrs. Nadya VALEVA.

„ It is important for Europe to strengthen the development of their industries and to move forward to a marking of origin regulation which could hel the consumers and producers to be competitve and free on the market. ” is the appeal of Italy through the Vice-President of the Comission of International Trade Mrs. Cristiana Muscardini.

„ I hope that we will be cooperating for the development of a brighter and more fashionable Europe of the future. ” is the message of Brian Crowley/Ireland/ to the European Fashion Council witch conforms to the Lisboa contract and the forthcoming Strategy “EU 2020”. For this Strategy the professional association of European creative industry is ready to be an active partner.

The official introduction of the Program “Fashion Europe” in The EU Parliament is going to be on January 15th 2010, which is coordinated with the term the European Commission and the Council of Europe indicated.

Mr. Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament
Mr. Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament

Ms. Nadia Valeva, President of the European Fashion Council
Ms. Nadia Valeva, President of the European Fashion Council