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The Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union with historical contribution for Modern Europe

EFC Press / December, 2011

In the eve of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations the most beautiful present for the creative fashion industry and creators from the European continent is the successful authorization of institutionalization of fashion and fashion design in Europe, which will remain in the history as a numismatic contribution of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union for construction of the Modern Europe. This is connected with the given from the European Commission and European Council through the Council of attorneys of the EU permission for European Fashion Council to be identified with the logo of the European Union of 12 stars in gold on blue background, especially modified by the Dutch author Frank VERSPOOR for fashion and fashion design with new European visualization.

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Prime Minister Donald Tusk of Poland
Prime Minister Donald Tusk of Poland

The realized great deed of Poland legally institutionalizes the European Fashion Council as official institution of the EU with united European identity and accomplished the general and basic purpose, for which European Fashion Council was established – fashion and fashion design to become irreplaceable part of the EU with official institution and program.

For the European designer society and the European Union this act is the first symbol of unity of action in one whole, because it represents to the worldwide public European Fashion Council not only in its capacity of representative of the interests of the European Commission and the European Parliament with registration in the public register, as it is up to the present moment, but also as an institution of the European Union in the field of fashion and fashion design, using the rights and the services to originate from European institution; the goods and the services with the corresponding new trade mark to show that they were made and guaranteed by the European Commission, the European Union or other European institution like the European Fashion Council, as well as the corresponding new trade mark shows the origin by the official institution and organization, funded and controlled by administrative or public authorities or bodies of the European Union.

For this priceless gift from Poland, in the eve of the 5th anniversary of European Fashion Council that will be celebrated in 2012 and the 55th anniversary of the European Union, in which honor was established the fashion institution in Europe, it is hard to find words which to express the enthusiasm of the European designer society!

It was not an easy path to walk, but the guarantee for the present excellent result is the perfect and unique strategy, straightforwardness and highest morals, declared deservedly during 4.5 years by the 18th member countries of the EFC. The idea was born after the Balkan agreement between the fashion NGO of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria in 2005 and begins with the acceptance of Bulgaria and Romania in the EU. The welcoming speech of the British Prime Minister Mr. Tony BLAIR towards Bulgarian and Romanian nation in October 2006 and Pre-election speech of the French President Mr. Nicolas SARKOZY for introduction of the culture in the heart of politics and for education through arts, inspired Nadya VALEVA with the idea of creating a unique strategy modified through fashion and fashion design and the related to it arts and industries, in order to set them at their worthy place in Europe through the missing European Fashion Council. The following honored European patronage for establishment through H.E. Michael HUMPHRYES, Ambassador of the EU and Leader of the Delegation of the EC in Bulgaria and his priceless advices with official letter from March 07, 2007, give a start of the lovely initiative followed by initiation in Bulgarian Parliament on the eve of the Day of Europe and establishment on May 18-19, 2007 in the Ancient Plovdiv.

11 countries are founders through their fashion NGOs: 7 of the EU as full members and they are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and 4 in Europe and as associate members are: Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Norway. In September 2008 Iceland and the Netherlands were joined and in September 2010 4 more countries: Malta, Armenia, Latvia and the Czech Republic, the newest associated partner in April 2011 is Sweden, and currently they are 18. As a new phase of expansion, every European country will open its exclusive representation according to the program and objectives of the EFC, United and Powerful Fashion Europe.

The headquarters of the new European institution is in the Ancient Plovdiv, where EFC was established – the first European city and fifth ancient in the world, and the President is the National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria, represented by Nadya VALEVA, who is also President of the European Fashion Council.

Today, the European design community rejoices and makes a deep bow to the President of the European Parliament Mr. Jerzy BUZEK, the Prime Minister of Poland Mr. Donald TUSK and President of European Commission Mr. José Manuel BARROSO, with tears of joy in the eyes because of the admission to the European family, that is why the European Fashion Council is created and ready for public launch of the 127 series of fashion activities program “Fashion Europe”, adopted by the European Commission to support the strategy “EUROPA2020.”

This grandiose announcement is Polish doing and a wonderful finale for the activities of this period of Polish EU Presidency as part of the history of the EU. It will remain forever in the minds of millions of Europeans and the rest of the world as the greatest achievement in the development of “European Union of Arts and Ideas” by virtue of the fashion and fashion design as an innovative policy, art, culture, education, humanitarian and charitable activity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012!

President of the European Parliament Mr. Jerzy BUZEK, the Prime Minister of Poland Mr. Donald TUSK and President of European Commission Mr. José Manuel BARROSO
President of the European Parliament Mr. Jerzy BUZEK, the Prime Minister of Poland Mr. Donald TUSK and President of European Commission Mr. José Manuel BARROSO