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The European Union begins a world innovation for Sport and Fashion

A new country has joined the management of the European Fashion Council

EFC Press / December 23, 2010

In response to Article 165 from the Contract for the functioning of EU, purpose to developing of the European dimension of the sport, European Fashion Council in its capacity of representative of the European Commission interests and these of the European Designers Community and fashion industry, disposed a part of its program for building of a United and Powerfull Fashion Europe.

In the prepositional program “Fashion Europe”, the connection between Fashion and Sport is represented with unique ideas and public activities which the European Commission valued and recognized and then published it in official report. It is connected with the preparing of strategies for executing of the new European Union competitions in the field of the sport where propose of the creative fashion industries for the Fashion and Sport are finding a new reflection in innovative form for encouraging the transcultural dialogue.

The idea for the new element in the European sport plan disclose multilateraly the exceptionally important purpose for the economical and educational growth, also the hidden potential to be a promoter between the cultures and the economics of Europe and the world. It is published on a page 7 in the mentioned official report with the name of the European Fashion Council.

The proposing for the public connection Sport & Fashion forecast for a 33 sports through the provisional project for European Sport Fashion Grand PRIX and Fashion CUPS awards as well the creating of the European Sport Fashion League in partnership with the European Olympic Committee, the Sport’s Council of the European commission, European Parliament’s Sports Intergroup, The Association European Team Sports, the European Paralympic Committee and ISCA Europe which you can see on the page ot the European Commision.

With a decision of EFC had been prepared a invitations to the Presidents of the pointed up institutions in order the preparing and the realizing of the recognized innovation which will start at the beginning of 2011 and the public realizing will begin in 2012 when Europe will be a host of the World Olympic games at London, UK.

These actions are in unison and with the First document of the newcreated European Commision’s Sports Union from November 18, 2010 where the support is clearly given for a structure dialogue and a better using the potential of the sport like a contribution for creating of communities, a exchange of strategies and encouraging for a organizing in democratic and responsible organizations and Trusts.

In that connection, as a whole in implementation of the basic goal for building a complete European structure of a Union of Non-governmental Fashion Organizations / Think-Tank, LATVIA is the new country which opens his own representation in European Fashion Council.

Through the Baltic Fashion Federation represented by the President Ms. Elena STRAHOVA, equal in rights in all rest represented European Union member-countries, the new member of the President Council of the European fashion institution is now active and unabolished part of the management the interests of the European Commision, European Parliament and institutions in the field of fashion and fashion design for Latvia and Europe as a whole.

“I acknowledge and support the strategy, the objectives and the program of EFC, and I will do my best to contribute to its development and growth.” says in her letter to all member-countries the Iron Lady of Baltic, popular with the successful managing of the Baltic fashion organizations, united in Federation –

It is undoubtedly that with the participiating of Ms. Elena STRAHOVA in the management of the European Fashion Council her proved successful experience, which has passed the borders of the Baltic Republics will be executed in order faster growth of the future of the European creative industries in the fashion and the others similar, connected with them – that we all expect to see in a unity leadership of a responsible persons and active specialists.

The European Fashion Council will continue traditionally to inform for the sizable growing public and partnership interest about her activity and first public events which Europe and the world can soon expect in the name of confirming of the world’s fashion leadership of Europe.

Ms. Elena STRAHOVA, President of the Baltic Fashion Federation, Member of the President Council of European Fashion Council
Photography: Gala Kuznecova
Styling: Deniss Schevelove
Make-up: Gala Kuznecova
Hair: Edgars Zablockis