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European Community of fashion designers with invitation to Nicolas Sarkozy

A new stage of the world dominance of Fashion Europe begins

EFC Press / December 10, 2009

The European Fashion Council, established in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the European Union, finished the preparatory technical period for the official beginning of the realization of its main aim – inclusion of fashion and fashion design as an innovative element in the cultural calendar of the European Community.

Corresponding to the new key period for Europe caused by the implementation of the Lisboa Strategy, the European fashion institution opens a new stage of the development and the endorsement of Europe in the world fashion leadership. By the implementation of intransient cultural values and the experience of the European Commission throughout the last decade, the Program “Fashion Europe” with its 127 activities, inseverably connected with education, culture, sport and charity is complemented and concretized for the achievement the European intercultural dialogue with the rest of the World.

President of France: Nicolas Sarkozy
President of France:
Nicolas Sarkozy

By all rules of the elegant diplomacy and the diplomatic protocol with the unanimous decision of the 13 member-states, the European Fashion Council sent an invitation to the President of Republic of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy for his High Honorable Patronage for the forthcoming introduction of the program in the European Parliament in Strasburg and its approval and realization in benefit of United Europe.

Main motive for the choice of the charismatic personality of the President of France is his personal importance for the development of modern Europe combined with his energetic actions and personal views.

« We were inspired by your faith “ in the modern spirit of the ideas” for “mutual activity in the name of mutual aim” », says the invitation, sent by the President of European Fashion Council Nadya Valeva through the Ambassador of Republic of France in Bulgaria His Excellency Etienne de Ponsins, that way concretizing the desire of the European non-governmental organizations for « Sharing together the determination “to built together the future” as “future equal to the history”, which was given first by France in the remote year 1868 for fashion and fashion design and again in 1957 for the European Union”. »

Addressing its invitation to Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, the European Fashion Council expresses its gratitude to french nation for the happiness to be together and to be a part of the evolution of Europe and the rest of the World, which gave self-confidence to the nations to walk confidently on the path of modernity.

The invitation ends with compliments towards the personality of Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, his charming wife Mrs.Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and friendly France. The president`s answer is expected soon.