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Implementation of the program “Fashion Europe” begins

New country has opened representation in European Fashion Council

EFC Press / October 26, 2010

During the two days work meetings in the conference hall of Novotel Bucharest in the Romanian capital leaded the 3rd edition of TEX TEH III international conference, devoted to the Application of Nanotechnologies for Textiles.

This actual subject was discussed from international specialists from 10 countries in 4 separated sessions, organized by the National Institute for textile and leather of Romania.

By the slide-rule national represented Fashion Department, the hosts made clever transition from the important subjects and innovations in the textile industry to the creative fashionable industry as founder-members and full-members of the European Fashion Council. With the analyses of the fashionable tendencies in the design of clothing in the Fashionable Museum in the presentational halls in Focsani city, Romania was demonstrated by workshops the most actual technologies for producing of haute-couture cuts and unique copy by the system „3D-Body-Scaning Technology”, popular already not just in France and Romania.

The 4 sessions of the 3rd international conference traced out the perspective of the next editions – attention for the innovations in the European and the world fashionable management and fashionable design. The reason of this was the combination of TEX TEH III with the special second session of the second General Meeting of the European Fashion Council, which launched the implementation of the “Fashion Europe”.

European Fashion Council

Among the main subjects and decisions of the European Fasion Council, according to the previously published through The Official Gazette day program, are made statute changes, according to the Lisbon Treaty for the functioning of the European Union. It was also made Procedure regulations for management of the fashion institution as a representative of the European Commission and European Parliament interests in the sphere of fashion and fashion design.

Between the general subjects and decisions of the European Fashion Council according to the published in advance agenda by The Official Gazette, has been made changes in the EFC statute in according with the Lisbon Treaty about the functioning of the European Union. Also was established a Procedure Regulation for governance of the institution in a representative of the European Commission’s and the European Parliament’s interests in the fashion and fashion design.
The discussions marked and confirmed the decisions for the accomplishment of the general strategic partnerships in construction of United and Powerful Fashion Europe.

Also all actions and ways in support of European economic strategy “EUROPE2020” for fashion industry of Europe have been updated. It will be realized by stages and by priority until 2020 with starting on January 1st 2011 Europe wide competitions for young designers EUROPEAN FASHION RISE. The rest of 147 actions of the Program “Fashion Europe” you can see published on the page of the European Commission.

The 10 member countries of the Community governing the European Fashion Council will deposit in nearest future in the European Commission and in the European Parliament the prepared Project for Directive of European standard for presentation of fashion and fashion design by FASHION WEEK and other public events of this kind. The conception on the 20 pages has for objectives to unify in one simple the fashion events, related to the name of Europe, European Union, European Fashion Council, with the goal to diminish the national and the economics diversity by establishing maximal cultural and economic growth and ratification of one high quality and level with the stamp “Made in Europe”.

In view of the objectives and the actions the Union of fashion NGO/Think-tank sends invitations to the 50 nationally represented fashion organizations of all European countries, which still didn’t open its own representation in the Council. Including those countries which are apart located in the territory of the European continent, like members of Council of Europe and associated to the cause of European Fashion Council can participate active in all activities and publications.

Armenia is the first country at the most distanced part of East Europe sharing its sovereignty with the institutions of the European Union. Like strong integrated with the European priorities the country already opened its own European fashion representation by Armenian Fashion

«I do welcome the strategy, the initiatives and programs EFC designs, and on behalf of our organization express our desire to contribute to its development and growth”, said in his letters Mr. Vayan SIMONYAN – the President of Armenian fashion institution. „We will do utmost to best cooperate”, he continues „ to reach the same common goal of Fashion Europe”. The new representative of the European Commission’s interests in the fashion and the fashion design is also Mme Armine TADVEOZYAN – Vice President who participated active in the general union of European Fashion Council in Bucharest earlier this mouth.

The practice all decisions to be announced and activities of Europe Fashion Council will continue.