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The European Fashion Council and the World Napoleonic Community signed a General Strategic Partnership Agreement

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Napoleon Awards for Fashion and Arts have been initiated

EFC Press / October 8, 2011

By official invitation from Napoleon Trust Europa, a representative delegation of 4 from 18 of the EFC member states attended a Solemn Ceremony with Gala Evening at one of the castles near Milan-Bergamo, on occasion the Restoration of the Military Napoleon Order, created by the French Emperor 206 years ago in Italy. Immediately after that, at a two-day business seminar at the luxurious Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni at the Lake COMO in Bellagio, Italy both parties finalized the one-year preparation for the General Strategic Partnership by signing an agreement between the European Fashion Council and the World Napoleonic Community platform.

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For the proven contribution to the contemporary development of the French values in fashion and art, set at the time of the Napoleon Era with the 1st unity of fashion designers in the distant year of 1868, The President of the European Fashion Council Nadya VALEVA /Bulgaria/ along with the Vice President Dr. Gabriella MANYI-WALEK /Hungary/ and the members of the Board Mats PEETERSSON /Sweden/ and Adrian MIZZI /Malta/ were all given the high international acknowledgement – Napoleon Order and the honourable title Lady/Sir as an expression of high honour and merits.

The strategic and financial parameters of the signed agreement are a high assessment for the quality and long-term perspectives of the cause for building and development of United and Powerful Fashion Europe through “Union of Arts and Ideas”. This high assessment is also connected to the institutional affirmation of the European Fashion Council and the realization of its ‘Fashion Europe’ program comprising of 127 activities, created as a support for the fashion industry and for implementation of the European Commission’s ‘EUROPE2020’ strategy.

VIP Club EFC Napoleon Gold Exchange MasterCard, EFC Gold Exchange VISA and/or MasterCard, EFC Gold ECU Napoleon MasterCard, Fashion Week Gold Exchange MasterCard and other co-branded labels of EFC with VISA/MasterCard license and the partnerships of Inter Cash Europe and International, the National Mints, IRTA/ITEX as an International Trading Community Universal Currency and exchange network, including resort and hotel vouchers, air flights, media and many more are just a small part of a co-branded program with prepaid and debit cards in singles and collections.

The European Fashion Council and the World Napoleonic Community signed a General Strategic Partnership Agreement
Lady Nadya VALEVA European Union
Lady Nadya VALEVA
European Union

H.E. Count Pierre Michel COMBALUZIER

This co-branded card program has been elaborated by Napoleon Exchange World with a special turnkey solution platform through gold exchange loyalty to customers, artists and partners – a basis of the strategic alliance with the European Fashion Council. In its essence, this is a ‘know-how’ through fashion and all the other arts. It also includes honourable gold coins and medals in limited editions meant for the far-reaching realization and cultural economic growth of the national development of fashion, fashion design and arts on the territory of Europe, and from Europe to the world.

In addition to the national events and activities of each member state and partner represented exclusively in the EFC by its official non-governmental fashion organization, the Program also includes support for 5 major, starting and traditional international top notch events.

They will be held on different European locations:

• January 28-30, 2012 in PARIS/France will be the founding dates of the World Napoleon Awards for fashion and arts and in

• July-August the competition for young designers ‘European Fashion Rise’ will be held.

• May 18, 2012 at the Antique Theatre of Ancient PLOVDIV/Bulgaria where the European Fashion Council Headquarters is located, the Ceremony of the European Fashion Awards will be held.

• October 28, 2012 at Palazzo Serbelloni in MILAN/Italy will be for the first World Napoleon Awards uniting in themselves Royal, Legionary, Knights’, Noble, Honourable and Grand Master Awards for fashion and arts.

• December 1, 2012 in BUDAPEST/Hungary, it will be set the tradition for charity Ball of Wisdom, dedicated to the fight against AIDS.

In addition to a co-branded VISA/MasterCard card program, the Pearls of the prize fund will be a Napoleon trophy, limited coins and honourable medals. It has also been sculpted a volumetric plastic arts sculpture of a Sun made of golden stars by the author Frank VERSPOOR who represents Holland in the European Fashion Council. This sun visualizes the European Fashion Council logo comprising of the European emblem of 12 stars and meaning program unity of action with the European Union and guarantee for ethics, loyalty, transparency, high quality and growth.

The Strategic Partnership Agreement was signed by the President of the European Fashion Council Lady Nadya VALEVA /Bulgaria, European Union/ and the President of the World Napoleonic Community platform H.Exc. Count Pierre Michel COMBALUZIER /France-Canada/ who are also Grand Masters of the World Napoleon Awards for fashion and arts.

All activities for public execution of the notarially certified agreement that has been inserted in the Public Register of the European Commission and the European Parliament are already running.

Because of its numismatic value, the foreseen interactions will not only totally change the shape of the European fashion, but they will also support the development of the world fashion and artists through an NGO!

World Napoleon Fashion Award Trophy
World Napoleon Fashion Award Trophy