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New country enters into the management of the European Fashion Council

EFC Press / September 7, 2010

With public Presidential statement, the Council of European fashion organizations noted the third anniversary of its legal registration from August, 2007. Numerous high European institutional assessments and the highest partnership invitations, accompany the period of fundamental actions to fashion institution, which proudly bears the name and flag of Europe as an accredited representative of the interests of the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of Europe’s fashion and fashion design.

“Obviously, that worked very hard to achieve good results and establishing a good image of our organization”, noted the President of the National Fashion League of Hungary, Mrs. Gabriela WALEK, who is Vice-President for external relations of the European Fashion Council.

In this context, entirely as a significant an achievement, is recorded and the constitution of the Ethical Commission. It is the body that monitors and prevents misunderstandings and conflicts, because the territory of Europe and the common interests in fashion and fashion design join hands, but we are extremely different countries, as by the Minute enacted with Resolution taken with 7 of 13 votes «YES» and No objections. It will also make full internal and external integrations to be an example to others. Ethical Commission of the European Fashion Council is a Mediator between members and institutions, between authors and consumers of fashion and fashion design in Europe. It is the body, which find, taking prevail solutions, determining when, why, how, how much and whether to impose sanctions on the basis of the Regulations under the Ethics Fashion Code.

With the highest number of nominations, the European Fashion Council elected President of the Ethical Commission – Romania, represented by the National Institute for textile and leather, General Director, Prof. Emilia VISILEANU.

Together with the First Fashion Public Prosecutor of Europe, in the five members of the Defenders of the European fashion and design and / or Accusers in breach of the European Ethical Fashion Code as connected and recognized part of the Ethical Code of European Union, are also elected Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and Ukraine. The head office of the Commission is in Bucharest, Romania and the email address:
In Romania will be held on October 7, 2010 and the next General Assembly of the European Fashion Council as a Special Session of the program TEX TEH III, international conference of nanotechnology in the textile field.

Dr Ing Emilia Visileanu
Photo © Eduard Paraschiva

A grouping of fashion NGO / Think-Tank starts new working season with an open procedure for extending through official invitations to all European countries and their organizations, producing fashion and fashion design. The goal is to achieve full structural composition of 7 to 27 managing countries – members of the EU, along with 6 highly developed European countries to cooperate and take full advantage of growing opportunities of the fashion institution, as building together unite, strong and prosperous Fashion Europe.

The new country has opened representation in the European Fashion Council is MALTA. It is represented by the Association of Malta National Fashion and equal to all other represented countries – members of the European Community, is already part of the management.

“I’m honored”, said Mr. Adrian MIZZI in his capacity as a President of the National-representative Maltese Fashion Union. “I will do everything possible to work hand in hand with all countries in the Council”, he stressed,”so that we can reach the same goal, which in Fashion Europe”, says the new representative of the interests of the European Commission and the European Parliament in the field of fashion and fashion design. The new registration is already registered and you can see it in the register of the European Commission.

Accordingly policies and prospects of the European Union, which follows the European Fashion Council, official invitations to exclusive representation are also sent to new associate members. Their composition is expected to grow from 4 to 12, with partial and adjacent land bordering with Europe countries.