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Fundamental achievements of the European Fashion Council

International fashion institution with status of unification of NGO/Think-tank for the “Europe2020” new plan

EFC Press / June 10, 2010

With high European, institutional elevations and fundamental achievements in the current 2010, the European Fashion Union celebrates its 3rd foundation anniversary in May 2007.

The date 15 January 2010 wrote in the history of the European fashion unification, the meeting of the founders` two priorities: to insert the fashion and the fashion design in the cultural Agenda of Europe and to structure the organisation as a representative of the European creative industries for fashion and fashion design.

On the grounds of the legal registration, the good will, the goals and the program of the 13 countries-members of the European Fashion Council, it received an official recognation, an approaval and an accreditation of the European Commission to represent the European interests in its capacity of unification of NGO/Think-tank about the new plan of “Europe2020”. Accordingly the policy of transparency of the European Union, this is published and accessible for all interested parties and people at

In its nature the European Fashion Council is a policy by the Fashion and the Fashion Design as culture and art, education, economics, international relations, humanitary and charitable activities and puts in an unique way the culture in the core of the policy to guarantee its success. So that it is logic quite the Higher European Institutions and National Governments to be the General Partners and together with the voices of the non-governmental organisations to develop one of the most important sectors of the European policy as “Consumers”, “Information Society”, “Internal Market”, “Competion”, “Regional Policy”, “Environment”, “External relations” and “Common and Institutional Policy of the EU”.

For the pride of Europe and with the President of the European Commission Mr. José Manuel Barroso`s distinguished trust, the European Fashion Council contributes to the new economical “Europe2020” Strategy by an unique program of 127 activities under the name “Fashion EUROPE”. The platform for “Unified and Strong Fashion Europe” shows one of the directions to achieve and to mark an “intelligent, stable and global progress”. It is accessible on the page of the General Secretariat of the European Commission and open for European and world partnership at

By an official letter to the President of the European Fashion Council Mrs. Nadya VALEVA, by his Adviser Mr. Laurence DE RICHEMONT, the President of the European Commission Mr. José Manuel BARROSO “congratulates the support of the European fashion industry to the “Europe2020” Strategy and appreciates the willingness” of the European Fashion Council “to contribute to its success”.

These fundamental achievements are realized under the Presidency of Bulgaria and the common efforts of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Norway, together with the associated countries-members: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland and Ukraine, all of them represented by their national-representative non-governmental fashion organisations.

The results pointed out confirm the world fashion leadership of Europe and are a worthy response of the epoch “be audacious and ambitious” in accordance to the President BARROSO`s call.

EC President BARROSO for EU2020
EC President BARROSO for EU2020