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The implementation of the program “Fashion Europe” begins

The European Fashion Council celebrates 5 years from the announcement of the initiative for its establishment

A spectacular beginning of public fashion events

EFC Press / May 08, 2012
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On the eve of Europe Day, on the date May 8, 2007 was launched a process, which ended 11 days later with the establishment of the European Fashion Council. On this remarkable for the European fashion community date, today after 5 years of successful period of preparation, we announce the launch of the program “Fashion Europe” with 157 public activities in support of cultural and economic growth of the European fashion industry.

H.E. Michael Humphreys, Nadya Valeva, Ivo Atanasov, at Bulgarian Parliament, May 8, 2007
H.E. Michael Humphreys, Nadya Valeva, Ivo Atanasov, at Bulgarian Parliament, May 8, 2007

The idea for the establishment of European Union of representative NGOs for presenting the fashion and fashion design in their whole splendor, was announced officially in the West Hall of the National Assembly of Bulgaria under the honorable patronage of the Ambassador of the European Union and Head of the Representation of the European Commission to Bulgaria during this period, H.E. Michael HUMPHREYS. With the host of the event from Mr. Ivo ATANASOV, Chairman of the Commission for Civil Society and Media, the message “This is the beauty of Europe” gave the green light to the wonderful incentive, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the European Union.

“I am very contented to be here today” said H.E. HUMPHREYS, in his welcome speech. “I met Nadya VALEVA 5 months ago, when the idea about ​​the establishment of the European Fashion Council was in germ. For that time this idea has turned into a young tree that comes into leaf and begins to give fruits” he said to the Diplomatic Corps and Representatives from Austria, Italy, Russia…, to the media and guests, and conclude as Ambassador of the European Union with the assessment: “I am highly impressed by the efforts that you made. Such initiative for European Fashion Council will help for the unifying of Europe and the culture of its member countries. It is very nice that this initiative comes from a new member country. You can rely on our permanent support.”

19 Member States set the solid foundations of United Europe in fashion and fashion design in this historic 5-year period: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, and Sweden from the European Union, Iceland and Norway from the European Economic Area, and Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Ukraine.

A great contribution to achieve this success was made from 4 Great Personalities, to whom the artists of creative industry will be always grateful with a deep reverence for the outstanding trust, support and recognition for fashion and fashion design as an integral part of the traditions and the future for the prosperity of Europe. The wishes for success sent from the President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel BARROSO during the period of the establishment of EFC, and the active support by adopting the Program “Fashion Europe” for the implementation of the strategy “EU2020” along with the subsequent encouragement on the way of EFC’s approval, were the main part to ensure our success. This part is inextricably related to the major contribution to the modern European history, made by the President of the European Parliament Mr Jerzy BUZEK and the Prime Minister of Poland Mr. Donald TUSK. Because of them during the Polish presidency of the Council of EU from July to December 2011, the European Fashion Council celebrated his triumph after the authorization with the single European identity and as an integral part of the European Union to contribute to Europe and worldwide.

Today, when all Europeans celebrate Europe Day, EFC is happy to celebrate this significant date with the spectacular start of public events and the first European competition for young designers, “European Fashion Rise” whose European semifinals and finals will be in Cyprus in July and August 2012 under the patronage of Mr. Laszlo ANDOR – Member of the European Commission. The official confirmation received for this start is a higher level of development of a European Fashion Council as a fashion institution of Europe, with world class public events for new and established names in fashion and fashion design. This support is our common gift with the European Commission for the young talents on their way to approval from the school and college with the dream to become a fashion designer to own fashion studio and fashion house. EFC Headquarters Press Editor, May 08, 2012, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, European Union