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The Nobel contribution for United Europe in Fashion

Kingdom of Sweden entered the management of the European Fashion Council

EFC Press / April 14, 2011

In response to the established 140-year-old European traditions associated with the development of the fashion unions in Europe and the world that started from France and are entirely in the spirit of intercultural dialogue, the Kingdom of Sweden is the 18th country that has become part of the European Fashion Council and became part of its management, with a modern way of historical continuity for building a United Europe in Fashion.

The Nobel contribution for United Europe in Fashion

One of the clearest historical evidence is Swedish line of Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt: “It can sometimes be good to humbly remind of the fact that a great deal of what constitutes Sweden has been created in [a process of] evolution, exactly because we have been open to accept other people and experiences.”.

The elite Swedish culture and behavior were again demonstrated today by the words of the Nobel Fashion Awards Association Chairman, Sir Mats Peetersson: „It is my privilege and honour to declare that we agree and that we accept all terms and policies, and we gratefully accept to be part of the EFC as representatives for Sweden”.

The new representative of the interests of the European Commission, European Parliament and institutions in fashion and fashion design is now publicly listed in the registry of the European Commission and institutions.

Nobel Fashion Awards Association is the most prestigious Swedish fashion NGO that more than 10 years represents internationally Swedish fashion by uniting all artists and producing the Nobel Art Awards. These awards are related with Nobel Dinner, Award Ceremony with Live Orchestra in the traditional Ball of the high society and art in Stockholm, allways on 8th of December, held in Nobel Hall of Grand Hotel in Stockholm, the forthcoming night before the Nobel Prizes for: Peace, Economics, Literature, Psychology and Medicine, Physics and Chemistry.

Nobel EFC

The highest standards and class of Nobel will be applied in management and implementation of the events and policies of Program “Fashion Europe”, which the European Commission published the previous year and adopted in support of the implementation of the new economic strategy “Europe2020” for strengthening and development of the European fashion industry as a world leader.

On grounds of the current event a letter of gratitude was sent to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia and members of the Swedish royal family: H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and H.R.H. Prince Daniel, H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip, H.R.H. Princess Madeleine and H.R.H. Princess Lilian.
“We, the representatives of the European creative industry from 17 countries, feel very happy, excited and proud from the given to us honor of being partners with Nobel Fashion Awards Association and its esteemed chairman Sir Mats Peetersson.” – is said in a letter sent by the President of the European Fashion Council Nadya Valeva, with gratitude “Thank you for the world-class contribution in the process of building United Europe.”

A letter of gratitude with an invitation for unity of action in the implementation of the European objectives for prosperity associated with fashion and fashion design as the new element in the cultural and economic plan of Europe was sent to the Prime Minister of Sweden Mr. Fredrik Reinfeyldt. “We are confident that with your support and unity of action” as the letter says,” will successfully walk the path to Europe 2020!”

Sweden is the 18th country-founder of the upcoming Europe-wide contest for young designers “European Fashion Rise” through its Nobel Fashion Awards Association and has a registered globally recognized partnership with the Paris Fashion Academy.

With France as a host of the upcoming designer Contest, the European founder-countries are 19, but France will be like all other member-country of the European Fashion Council – with a separate representation and participation in governing, for which there already is an established good correspondence with the French Minister of Economy, Christine Lagarde and the members of her Cabinet.

Sir Mats Peetersson