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Germany and the Netherlands gave a start to the activities of the European Fashion Council for 2016

The 30th anniversary marked VDMD, Germany with the 1st year as a part of the EFC Presidential Board

EFC in the finalize of historically ratifications for the future of the European fashion industry during the Dutch presidency of the Council of the European Union

EFC Press / January 2016

VDMD 30 Years
The Atrium of Deutsche Bank in Berlin, 30th anniversary of VDMD.

Germany and the Netherlands are 2 out of 24 member states of the European Fashion Council, whose national programs marked the beginning from fashion events in the new 2016. Undoubtedly, the Fashion Week in Amsterdam and Berlin, traditionally successfully presented the creativity of the national fashion industries, composed of the best managers, producers, designers, photographers, models, media, etc., but the actual activities of the overall European policy and strategy for the development of creative industries in Europe remains extremely important and the most crucial part in the work of nationally representative organizations in the European Fashion Council Board. This seemingly invisible activity is the basis of this and any other success, linked with decades of hard work.

An example of this is the 30th anniversary of the Association of German fashion and textile designers – fashion national network of Germany (, which is with the unique in its kind partnerships and endorses the fashion industry not only of their country.

For the European Fashion Council it was a high honor to appoint a representative delegation, composed by 5 members states /Switzerland, Iceland, Romania, Czech Republic and Bulgaria/, present at the celebration of this anniversary in the Atrium of Deutsche Bank in Berlin. With the sophisticated style and label of the excellent event, the anniversary of German colleagues noted not just another anniversary, but one „an evolutionary achievement, that gives and will gives more and more its high scores with numismatic value to the entire world”, said in the congratulatory address of the EFC and also notes the importance of VDMD in the speeches of representatives of German political, governmental, municipal, public and fashion elite. The five-minute film that seal the footage of the most inspiring moments of the memorable evening, you can be viewed here:

3. Thomas RATH, Fashion Designer, the President of the EFC Investment Board and 1st Ambassador of the EFC
Mr. Thomas RATH, Fashion Designer, President of the EFC Investment Board and 1st Ambassador of the EFC

VDMD President Rene Lang
Mr. Rene LANG, President of VDMD

With a short retrospection of the past decade, the President of the EFC Nadya Valeva reminded with pride the years 2005, when exactly with the support of Germany by VDMD and its Executive Director, Mrs. Mara MICHEL, was launched the Balkan union in the fashion and textile industry between Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. In turn, this was the basis for the European Fashion Council, established a little later in May 2007 under the honor patronage of the EU in honor of jubilee 50th anniversary of the EU in German Presidency of the Council of the European Union.”

4. Mrs. Mara MICHEL, CEO of VDMD
Mrs. Mara MICHEL, CEO of the VDMD (red dressed) with delegation of the EFC, represented by Mrs. Julia HENDRIHOVA, the President of the National Fashion Chamber of Czech Republic / on the right /, Ms. Nadya VALEVA, the President of the National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria and the Presidential Board of the European Fashion Council, Mrs. Cola ADALSTEINSDOTIR, the President of the Iceland Fashion Week organization and on the left Ms. Rady PANDOUROVA, the International Secretary of the European Fashion Council and member of the National Fashion Chamber of Switzerland, and a little later acceding Ms. Theodora DANILLA, the International Secretary of the Romanian Fashion Council.

„Today, the European Fashion Council is composed of 24 Member States and from 2011 proudly brings the unified European identity from logo with stars of the EU, a modified in extended version for the fashion industry, done by the Dutch author Frank Verspoor (”, It was the emphasis in the brief flashback told before of the attendees audience. In conclusion, she expressed the facts which prove the increased opportunities of a United Fashion Europe, namely: „by 2012 represent the EU in the implementation of the EU-UNESCO Convention on the protection and implementation of new forms of cultural diversity; develop all policies through the fashion industry in the Program “Fashion Horizon 2030” with 249 activities and initiatives, and founded the Investment Board, chaired by Germany with a Ambassador – the eminent fashion designer Thomas Rath.”
Among the achievements and recognition in favor of all 24 member states of the EFC is the inclusion of the organization in an EU report on long-term financing of the European economy with the advantages of the form Fashion Week. The connection between the national representative fashion organizations and European policy is authority, which supports the most overall vision and its management framework of the fashion industry in different countries.

Exactly now, during the Dutch Presidency of the Council of EU be expected finalization of the historic ratification of already taken decisions, relating to the launch of the newly formed Fashion Week Zone, identical to the Euro zone and Schengen; as well as applying of the EU methodology for management by rotating Presidency the Member States, in parallel with the EU; structuring the Executive Board, identical to the European Commission, but exclusively related activity for European fashion, and of course the jewel in the European Community program – the initiative “European Fashion Capital” as an innovative format and development of the project “European Capital of Culture” by the EU.
The ratification follows its row for member states: Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia and Ukraine, after which the European Fashion Council will definitely have expectations and intensively preparing a comprehensive constitution and activities.

EFC Press Editor