Creative Economy Outlook 2018

The second UNCTAD Creative Economy Outlook and Country Profile report (2018) demonstrates not only that there has been significant growth in the creative economy but also that the sector can make a valuable contribution to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Despite the difficult years during and post the 2008 financial crisis, the creative economy has been robust, demonstrating resilience and in some instances growth, indicating it is a sector with considerable potential for current and future investment.

Creative Economy Outlook 2018

[PDF] Creative Economy Outlook 2018

Following UNCTAD’s first Creative Economy Outlook report in 2015, the long-term review of the trade of creative goods and services offered by this report provides a valuable update and snapshot of past and present trends in the global creative economy. It also highlights some metatrends, many of which are already shaping the future of creative industries.

Creative Economy Network

Through the Creative Economy Network, UNCTAD has proactively facilitated the sharing of knowledge and best practices, forging strategic alliances and networking among governments, creators, the business community and the civil society.

UNCTAD has been liaising with academia, artists, creative professionals and civil society to build a network to promote international cooperation, strategic alliances, research exchanges and advocacy. Initially, the network will list a number of partner universities and research centers. Gradually, it will become an open collaborative web space, providing a platform for professors, researchers and students to share knowledge and information.