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Benelux Union

What is the Benelux?
The Benelux is an intergovernmental partnership between Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

On June 17, 2008 a new Benelux Treaty was signed. Henceforth, the collaboration will focus on three core themes: internal market and economic union, sustainable development, justice and home affairs.

All this under a new name: the Benelux Union

Benelux Union
Benelux Map: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Even during the Second World War decided the governments of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg to work more closely together. Benelux was launched in 1944 as a customs union. Thus, the three Benelux countries took the lead in the very first steps towards European integration. In 1958 the customs union between Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg culminated in the Treaty establishing the Benelux Economic Union, a broadening and deepening of economic cooperation was.