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The Australian Trade Commission

The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) is the Australian Government’s trade and investment development agency, operating as a statutory agency within the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio. Austrade’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter O’Byrne reports directly to the Minister for Trade.

To clarify the Government’s expectations for Austrade the Minister for Trade issues a Statement of Expectations on an annual basis. To demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the expectations of the Minister, the CEO replies with a Statement of Intent. The Statement of Intent outlines how the CEO intends to meet the expectations of the Minister and complements the longer term planning that Austrade undertakes.

Austrade assists Australian businesses contribute to national prosperity by succeeding in trade and investment, internationally, and promoting and supporting productive foreign investment into Australia. Austrade:

* Delivers services that assist Australian businesses initiate, sustain and grow trade and outward investment.
* Promotes Australia as an inward investment destination and, with the States and Territories, supports the inflow of productive foreign direct investment.
* Administers the Export Market Development Grants scheme.
* Undertakes initiatives designed to improve community awareness of, and commitment to, international trade and investment.
* Provides advice to the Australian Government on its trade and investment development activities.
* Delivers consular, passport and other government services in designated overseas locations.

Austrade operates through a global network of offices, with representatives overseas in over 110 locations in more than 60 countries. Across Australia, Austrade operates 18 offices and a network of 50 TradeStart offices including 8 Export Hubs, in partnership with public and private sector ally organisations.

Global Network

In Australia, Austrade’s services and programs are delivered through a national network of offices and TradeStart locations in metropolitan and regional areas, operating in partnership with Australian state and territory governments, industry associations and regional development bodies.