Textile Trends F/W 2015-2016

ISPO Textile Trends Fall/Winter 2015-2016

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Trend 1

The use of natural fibers, improved revolutionary innovations and hybrid textiles, embody the trend of Collaborate.

Trend 2

Full of energy and compact. The Connectivity trend is geared to improve athletic performance and wellness.

Trend 3

Innovative fiber components provide finished textiles or trim with a completely new look. At first glance, this can be deceiving, thus providing the perfect Illusive.

Trend 4

Sheer and changing surfaces optimize the newly developed, multi-functional lightweight fabrics. Trilobal fibers provide extraordinary shine and thus lend this trend its name Enlightening.

Trend 5

Maverick. Retro has an enormous influence. The renaissance of the vinyl record or old arcade games, as a precursor to today’s must-haves like smartphones or iPods in today’s society.

ISPO Textrends F/W 2015/16

Collaborate, Connectivity, Illusive, Enlightening, Maverick
Five textile trends reflect a variety of influences from consumer behavior to the global economic situation.

Textile Trends F/W 2015-2016


In cooperation with qualified trend experts ISPO MUNICH observes global developments having an impact on today’s fabrics as well as components, which ultimately determine the collections for fall/winter 2015/2016. The result, ISPO Textrends, shortens the time to market and offers designers and product developers an advance insight into the future of the textile market. The focus topics for 2015/2016 include the importance of social responsibility, the definition of individuality, and the combination of health and performance.

Transparency of the supply chain and social responsibility are very important among today’s market demands and have a direct impact on sales success. In order to be successful in today’s active wear scene companies have to distinguish themselves from the competition. This Idiosyncratic is made possible by an unusual and unique style, based on special manufacturing processes and finishes. The trend towards wellness continues. The Balance between health and performance is not only reflected by consumers’ activities, but also in fibers and textiles.

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