Portland Fashion Week
Oct 19-24, 2007

Portland Fashion Week moves Fashion forward to a Sustainable Future

Leading by Example, Portland Fashion Week puts Sustainable & Independant Fashion into the Mainstream

PFW Draws Widespread Attention to Eco-Responsible Fashion and Alleviates Financial Burden on Participating Designers by Eliminating Production Red Tape

July 31, 2007, Portland, Oregon: In 2007 Portland Fashion Week is taking its commitment to sustainable fashion to a new height by making the production of fashion week itself sustainable – The event itself will be staged in Portland’s chic new South Waterfront District, in the LEED Certified green building, Atwater. PFW will use eco-friendly styling products on models, use earth-friendly materials for its runway, and will even use sustainable hotels for the guests. Nationally-acclaimed Portland eco-designer and PFW Board member Anna Cohen, adds, "A key to sustainable practice is evaluating all aspects of the conventional practices to make eco-responsible choices in all of them. In PFW,they are mindful of that". It is important to note that several prominent sustainable designers will be launching their collections from Portland Fashion Week 2007, including Anna Cohen, Sameunderneath, Saffrona and Lizzie Parker.

City of Portland was nominated the “Most Sustainable US City” in 2006 by and the second-most green city of the world by "We knew that in order to gain the leading position for Portland in sustainable fashion, we needed to bring our political leadership aboard ", says the PFW Executive Producers. Last year, Portland Fashion Week staged a green show with top local eco-designers at Portland City Hall with the Mayor and press in attendance. "Leaders and people here are seeing that high-fashion produced with eco-responsibility isn’t such a foreign concept. We're proud that this partnership between green fashion and the City was the first such initiative we’ve heard of in the country." Portland Fashion Week 2006 dedicated its “Green & Sustainable Showcase” to launch six sustainable collections.

Portland Fashion Week 2007 is collaborating with City Commissioner Sam Adams on a Green Fashion Forum. This event will highlight Portland’s green fashion design community, as well as local sustainable furniture, housewares and custom built bicycles. As commissioner of Arts and Culture, Adams is excited to include the fashion industry as part of the city’s Art Portfolio: “The sustainable designers living and working in this area not only provide beautiful, innovative products, they help highlight the great environmental work Oregonians have been doing for decades: being at the cutting edge of recycling policy, smart, alternative transportation, and green building practices. From public services to high fashion, Portland truly is a sustainable city.”

Blazing the trail in another area, Portland Fashion Week is offering independent designers something to make their wish come true. PFW Producers explain, "We have come across many high-quality independent designers who can’t have their work shown in a fashion week because they don't have deep financial pockets. Portland Fashion Week's business model is such that, for a nominal fee, a designer can have their show produced and staged entirely by us." New York Fashion Week’s “Best Debut” ( designer from Spring 2006, Alice Dobson of sofada, and acclaimed designers Souchi, Poppi Swim, and Leanimal, among others, will put their next season’s collections on the runway at PFW 2007.

Portland Fashion Week moves fashion forward to a sustainable future.

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