World Fashion Week (WFW) announces partnership with Suzy Amis Cameron for her initiative “Red Carpet, Green Dress”

World Fashion Week (WFW) officially announces it’s partnership with Suzy Amis Cameron, model, actress, Founder of MUSE School Ca, MUSE Global and the wife of Academy Award winning director/producer James Cameron, for her initiative ¨Red Carpet, Green Dress¨. World Fashion Week is keen to support the Red Carpet Green Dress mission and promote Sustainable Fashion. In a world where rapid awareness regarding sustainable living is underway, it is high time the Fashion Industry took greater measures at promoting the environment.

New York City, NY, October 13, 2011. – Pioneer in Sustainable Fashion, Suzy Amis Cameron joins World Fashion Week for the upcoming World Fashion Week Welcoming Gala on November 11, 2011 in New York City. Suzy Amis Cameron developed the ‘Red Carpet Green Dress’ competition to spur sustainable design, global green education, and raise funds for the non-profits MUSE School CA and MUSE Global, which she founded with her sister Rebecca Amis.

“Red Carpet Green Dress provides a unique opportunity to aspiring designers and perfectly connects to MUSE’s global green philosophy by applying environmental awareness to our everyday lives”… said Amis Cameron.

Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron at the Oscars, Mar 7, 2010

Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron at the Oscars, Mar 7, 2010

Red Carpet Green Dress gives new and upcoming designers a platform to get introduced to the Fashion Industry by way of creating an outfit made entirely from sustainable or recycled materials. In 2010, Suzy Amis Cameron dazzled the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards by wearing a beautiful dress which incorporated sustainable materials. She continues to shine a light on sustainable fashion in a glamorous way.

“It’s not just about a pretty dress. We all wear clothes every day, and it is time to start looking at how we can be more sustainable in our everyday fashions,” continued Amis Cameron.

This philosophy alone makes the partnership with Suzy Amis Cameron integral to WFW’s cause. Education reform and environmental stewardship are causes that spurred Amis Cameron to initially found MUSE Global and Muse School CA. Her career as a model and actress took her around the globe, and in turn exposed her to realities that revolutionized her thinking and perception of the world in which she lives.

“WFW is honored to join forces with Red Carpet, Green Dress, the constant awareness of environmental responsibility belongs to all. Collectively we can create a sustainable future, working to make a different dimension of the fashion process more sustainable and fair. Hence, fashion will make a necessary, deeper impact for the betterment of our world.”… said Paco De Jaimes, Founder of the World Fashion Week.

The campaign is being spearheaded by Global Campaign Director, Samata Angel, who won the competition at the start of this year.

“Through Red Carpet Green Dress we are seeking to shine a light on sustainable fashion, explain what it is and to show that it can be both glamorous Red Carpet couture as well as a commercial, mainstream, and an attainable industry standard. All the whilst fundraising for the Muse Global schools and Muse School CA which are driven by and committed to teaching sustainability in all aspects of life,” said Samata Angel.

Amis Cameron’s philosophy of ‘Inspiring all to Living Consciously with Ourselves, Others, and the Planet’ makes her a suitable match for WFW and takes the cause WFO World Fashion Organization is fighting for in a more positive and constructive direction. Her hopes for more people to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives makes WFO proud to have her on board for the upcoming venture.

Red Carpet, Green Dress

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