World Fashion Week® returns to collaborate in the 3rd edition of Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2014, Argentina and Morocco are invited countries

Jakarta, February 13, 2014 – Continuing with the phenomenal success of previous editions, Indonesia will host in 2014 a new edition of Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW), enhancing the national and international platform established in 2012 that has already become a testament to the emergence of Indonesia as a global fashion destination.

Not surprisingly, in 2013 more than 55,000 visitors attended IFW, positioning itself as the most important fashion event in Indonesia and a leader in the textile industry in Southeast Asia – largely due to the inspiring vision of Director Ali Charisma, and the untiring efforts and support of the Ministries of Tourism and Creative Economy, and Industry & SME´s, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Jakarta and major industry partners.

Once again, IFW collaborates with World Fashion Week®, presenting leading international Nominated Designers from Argentina, Iconic Gabriel Lage, and glamorous Said Mahrouf representing Morocco, both creators will be featuring their current haute couture collections.

The venue, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC ), will welcome IFW from February 20th to 23rd 2014, local and international designers, exhibitors, buyers, authorities, academic institutions, media and other interested parties will gather in knowing firsthand the industry’s fashion, now with new and potential Asian markets opening up.

We are very excited working again with WFW, its leading Nominated designers and its unique global vision. WFW helps us in opening new international avenues for IFW talent and to expand our national fashion industry on the global stage“, said Ali Charisma, President/Director of Indonesia Fashion Week.

As in previous occasions, IFW 2014 continues to invest in the talents of young, emerging designers for the long term – the Indonesia Fashion Entrepreneur Competition provides an opportunity for future new talent to showcase their creations, and its winner to be present at Hong Kong Fashion Week.

It is a great honor for WFW to collaborate once again with IFW, not only for its highest production level and creativity exposed, but also the importance of the platform that IFW provides to small and medium enterprises in Indonesia, contributing to the growth of its industry and international reach. WFW defends the free expression of fashion as one of the principal cultural identities of any community, considering the richness and creative value that we find in the diverse and multicultural world in which we live“, said Paco De Jaimes, President of the World Fashion Week.

Remarkable also within the different days of IFW 2014, is the concerted focus on highlighting to the public and also raising awareness with the media, the use of Sustainable Fashion or Eco-Fashion, a term that refers to a process of garment creation that takes into account sustainability as a key criteria in terms of resource conservation, recycling, efficiency, pollution prevention and respect for human and labor rights.

IFW 2014 is undoubtedly a shining monument to the tremendous potential of an emerging fashion destination like Indonesia, where the fusion of fashion, cultures, tradition and new winds of modernity are wonderful to meet.

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