World Fashion Week (WFW) Paris 2014

Welcoming Reception honours global fashion icon Datuk Professor (DR) Jimmy Choo Obe with a Lifetime Achievement Award, bestowed by French film celebrity icon Eva Darlan, WFW’s member nations and couture designer representatives from all over the world.

PARIS, Oct 3, 2014 – The Global Fashion Community gathered in Paris past Tuesday, September 30th, 2014, to honour legendary fashion icon Datuk Professor (Dr.) Jimmy Choo OBE, for his outstanding contribution to a Lifetime dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion, furthering the promotion and creative leadership for artistic, technical and social achievements within the global fashion industry.

World Fashion Week Paris 2014

World Fashion Week’s First Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed upon Professor Jimmy Choo by French Film and Television Celebrity host Eva Darlan and felicitated by Celebrity Top Model and Fashion Ambassador Sandra Murcia, during the Official Unveiling of World Fashion Week Paris 2016 Inaugural Expo to Couture representative designers from five continents in a celebration of cultural diversity, excellence and social development.

Professor (Dr.) Jimmy Choo OBE inherited the art of perfection in shoe design from his father, and after training in London co-founded one of the largest empires in the world for the design of luxury shoes for women.

WFW’s new global platform premiering internationally in Paris officially presented the World Fashion Week Paris 2016 Inaugural Expo and World Fashion Exhibition (WFE) featuring world couture masterpieces created for the occasion by celebrated designers from 5 continents. A unique fashion experience, the exhibit also showcased several national fashion shows, conferences and showrooms supported by specialised media, fashion professionals, government representatives and luminaries from several countries.

For many years now, Professor (Dr.) Jimmy Choo OBE has been the guiding force behind a number of training and developmental efforts related to his field, moved by the vital need to return to the world what he has learned from it, very much in tune with the philosophy Give your light to the world that the World Fashion Week endorses in all its initiatives.

A core objective of the WFW’s World Fashion Exhibition, Paris 2014 is to support the eradication of female genital mutilation, specially focused in African countries, which affects millions of girls around the world, (over 6,000 girls are being mutilated every day, approximately one every 15 second) in affiliation with International NGO ‘Cooperative World’ and its campaign of Masai bracelets aimed at raising awareness about this heartbreaking reality and the empowerment of women in the African continent.

World Fashion Week’s reception welcomed Royalty circles, Ambassadors from various countries, local and international press, among honouring the presence of world couture nations representative designers from Afghanistan By Zolaikha Sherzad, Albania By Ema Savahl, Angola by Lisete Pote, Argentina By Gabriel Lage, top model Jimena Buttilengo, and Argentina Fashion Week Founder Hector Vidal Rivas, Armenia by Vahan Khachatryan, Australia By Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, Bolivia By Beatriz Canedo Patiño, Botswana By Botho Chalebgwa, Brazil By Samuel Cirnansck and top model/actress Fernanda Lima, Cambodia By Romyda Keth, Colombia By Adriana Santacruz represented by international brand Ambassador Diana Avgusta Stauer, Costa Rica By Yina Narvaez, Cuba By José Benedi, Curacao By David Paulus, Dem. Rep. of Congo By Tina Lobondi, Denmark By Ann Wiberg, France By Sakina M’sa, Ghana By Duaba Serwa, Guatemala By Juan Carlos Quintana, Guinea By Alpha Oumar, Honduras By Giselle Matamala, India By Amit Aggarwal, Indonesia By Ali Charisma, Ivory Coast By Akou Kouassi Norbert, Japan By Junko Yoshioka, Kazakhstan By Aida Kaumenova, Kenya By Kiko Romeo, Lithuania By Marius Janusauskas, Malawi By Lilly Alfonso, Malaysia By Melinda Looi, Morocco By Said Mahrouf, Mozambique By Taibo Bacar, Namibia by Gem Matsi, Netherlands By Addy van den Krommenacker, New Zealand By Lindah Lepou, Nicaragua By Shantall Lacayo, Nigeria by Zizi Cardow, Pakistan By Hashan Sheheryar Yasin, Paraguay By Celina Mersan, Peru By Noe Bernacelli, Senegal By Diarra Bousso, Slovenia By Maja Ferme, South Korea By Jaison Couture, Spain By M & M /Marco y Maria, Sweden By Camila Wellton, Tanzania By Mustafa Hassanali, Ukranie By Olena Dats, Vietnam By Phuong My, Zambia By Mickley Banda and Zimbabwe By Rumbie Muzofa, among many other industry’s stakeholders, film celebrities and luminaries from the global fashion scene.

Moreover, WFW’s presented collections and showrooms from African Designers, Australia by Zuhal Kuvan-Mills – Green Embassy and leading Australian brand Mijanou Swimwear, Pendragon Shoes, Peru by Noe Bernacelli, Denmark by Ann Wilberg, Albania By Ema Savahl and closing show presented by MATRADE, Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week and Malaysia Fashion Week, shows by Joe Chia, Fairuz Ramdan, Bon Zainal, Nelissa, Khoon Hooi, Radzuan Radzwill, Hazree Wahid, Von Jolly and Melinda Looi.

In addition to the historic gathering, WFW’s Reception highlighted the “Next World Fashion Destination” and inaugural Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW), a collaborative effort between national trade promotion agency MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) and the country’s leading fashion event organiser STYLO International.

Marking its debut as a national and international event, the Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) 2014 will bring together Malaysian and international fashion distributors to Kuala Lumpur from 17-22 October 2014 with a trade exhibition called FACIT. It will be further supported by a series of fashion shows and gala events.

The partnership with Stylo International also sees the injection of the Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week (MBSAFW) into further boosting MFW. The MBSAFW is a joint collaborative effort of Stylo International and luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz. MBSAFW will see designers from 15 Asian countries showcase their work using the MFW as its Asian platform and INTRADE as its trade collaborator.

MATRADE’s partnership with Stylo International also brings to the table the collaboration with the World Fashion Week as Stylo International sits on the organisation’s international Board of Governors and serves as Malaysia’s Fashion Country Representative.

WFW’s & WFE’s event officially presented World Fashion Week (WFW) Paris 2016 Inaugural Expo, as a new global fashion platform that offers the opportunity to general consumers, press, media professionals and international buyers to connect with talents and create new bridges of commerce and understanding among the diverse multicultural global fashion world.

WFW’s Global Visual campaign “Give Your Light to the World” photography and design was created by WFW’s Vietnam official couture representative Ms. Phuong My.

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