World Fashion Week (WFW) Pre-Events Series to kick-off at the historic 1st. edition Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week, Australia

April, 13, 2012 – NEW YORK CITY, NY – As a prelude to the Inaugural Ceremony World Fashion Week (WFW) Annual ¨Olympic Style¨ event, to be held in New York City in fall 2013, and as part of the WFW Pre-Events Series, Australia´s fashion capital, will welcome leading WFW nominated fashion designers from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, advocating for a fair and sustainable global fashion industry.

Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

April 19th to 23rd 2012 will see Perth come alive with an array of West Australian and leading international Designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2012/2013 collections at W.A’s first ever fashion trade event; Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week (Savoir Faire PFW).

During Perth Fashion Week, and for the first time in Australian fashion history, the launch of “Dream Time” will showcase Western Australia Indigenous Designers. Perth Fashion Week will set up a program for Indigenous artists, textile artists and designers that will provide the tools and the platform for Indigenous creatives to gain recognition in an international arena.

“Showcasing our Indigenous designers will create awareness, will empower and have a positive affect in the community. We will guide Indigenous creatives and provide all the tools from business through to design to help them create their own sustainable business on an international level”. Says Ms. Sylvia Giacci, PFW Director.

Savoir Faire Perth Fashion WeekIn addition to the most anticipated Perth Fashion Week, a group of international outstanding couturiers, nominated and summoned by WFW, will officially represent their countries. The Netherlands will be represented by Addy Van Der Krommenacker, United Perth Fashion WeekArab Emirates by Furne One, Argentina by Gabriel Lage, Austria by Thang De Hoo, Cameroon by Blaz Designs, and South Africa by Hendrik Vermeulen.

“We are honored to join forces with Perth Fashion Week in Australia, encouraging the expansion of world fashion while promoting international fashion business relationships and understanding, with the principles of fair trade and social development. It will be remarkable to witness leading international designers as well as Aboriginal creations on the runway” Says Mr. Paco De Jaimes, President of WFW. “WFW works to expand the potential power of fashion; as a tool for poverty eradication, women empowerment, economy development, and Corporate Social Responsibility within the global fashion and textile industries” Mr. De Jaimes concludes.

About World Fashion Week (WFW)
WFW is the global voice of Fashion, an “Olympic Style” platform for the local fashion industries around the World, which provides them with a forum for exposure and recognition. Its major role is to contribute to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion industry and work towards a greater good, harnessing and supporting relationships to keep the global fashion industry sustainable and fair. The Inaugural Ceremony World Fashion Week will be officially hosted in the City of New York, USA, in Fall 2013. WFW will be one of the most anticipated global trade events of the XXIst. century, which will leave a sustainable legacy to the world’s next generations.

About Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week
Savoir Faire PFW’s mission is to “empower the local West Australian fashion community by creating ever growing business opportunities through events that connect people, encourage individuality and nurture creativity. Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week 2012 will be a dynamic event, attracting a wide range of international buyers, media, designers, models and the fashion savvy eager to see W.A talent. The 5-day schedule will create an interactive and dynamic environment – creating priceless opportunities furthering local and international fashion industry.

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